It does get better - 2 years post VM

Hi I just wanted to do a quick post to let anyone in a similar situation to I was in that it does get better. I had VM 2 years ago, told 2 week recovery (?!?!??!?!), had to leave my job, thought I was going crazy with everything I saw on VM saying 'full recovery' 'the non serious illness' 'short recovery time' all of this made it worse that the recovery was taking its time. 1 year on I saw a neuro consultant, had tests and MRI, he confirmed that VM was a Brain Injury and that it had caused my brain some damage. And that everyone is different, you never know how much if any damage can be caused. I went to a rehab doctor who did more tests and helped me find ways to work around things (memory loss, clumsiness, fatigue, trouble talking and getting words out to name a few). I soon learnt that I was as 'recovered' as I was going to get and now it was down to me to take control as much as I could and accept the new me. I got off my bum and started walking to the end of my road every day, getting out of the house, enjoying life and laughing. This year in March (2 years and 1 month after VM) I ran a Half Marathon, something I am extremely proud of. This doesn't mean I am 'better' as people seem to think, I still have bad days where getting off the sofa is tough and every day I face the issues I am left with however this will not beat me or take over my life. I am in control of my life and choose to life it as best I can. I hope this helps anyone struggling at the moment. Becks xxx

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  • Hi Becks

    Thank you for posting your posting your post VM journey. It has not been an easy one for you and as you say too often it is assumed that recovery is quick and complete whereas it is not always that way. I admire your determination to take back control of your life and regardless of your continuing difficulties to tackle some amazing achievements. Well done and thanks for sharing because although you may not have had anyone else respond yet there are always some people that just browse the posts and will have been encouraged by yours.

  • Hi Becks

    Congratulations on completing your half marathon and thank you for your positive comments. I too was told that I should be fine after 2 weeks, that was 7 months ago and still suffering the effects of VM. I have not yet been able to return to work due to chronic headaches and have found my ability to concentrate, multi task and cope with stress has been reduced since VM. I am also considering a change of jobs once I am able to work again. As you said, it is a very misunderstood illness particularly as it effects each person in different ways and to different levels. I have gained comfort from the many stories I have read and understand it is not just me that struggles with the slow recovery time. I have also found Mindfulness has helped me accept things as they are and to stop trying to fight against things that I cannot change. It helps me to stay in a more positive frame of mind and stop spending too much time thinking of the future and the many what ifs.

    Take care.

  • My experience with this diseases is yes it is not well understood or appreciated. It seems any stress seems to bring on an attack.

  • Congrats! I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary of VM in July 2015 and your words make me more hopeful. Your situation sounds so much like what I have been going through. Thanks for the great comments!

  • Had VM in 2010 and lost full memory and speech. Really suffered after this. Got speech and memory back after lessons but came back a different person. Personality changed for the worse and attitude to life was opposite to the way it used to be.

  • Hi Becks, what a lovely post and so encouraging to read :-) Thank you for sharing, and as Strawberry Cream says, I've every confidence it is bringing much comfort to many.

    Your list of key post-VM symptoms (the communication and memory ones in particular) is very closely aligned to mine and it would be great to hear how you have handled getting round some of these. I’m collating a lot of wonderful material from the posters and responders on this forum as to what life one can live post-VM, and the best to make of it, and would be honoured if you could share back any further details.

    I’m also acting as my own lab rat to try out new things/suggestions and sharing back results (as time permits). But there has to be a better way than lots of lists (with a master list of them I keep losing) to combat the memory challenges, as this element isn’t working too well!


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