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Sinus pressure in head and ears

Hi everyone,

I am 7 months post Viral Meningitis.

I am recovering, however, it is slow.

The past 6 weeks I have been experiencing sinus pressure in my head and ears. It’s off and on. Nothing for 1 week, then I have it for a few days.

I have never experienced this before the VM.

I am wondering if it is due to the previous swelling from the initial infection 7 months ago, and now my brain is just extra sensitive to any type of swelling from allergies or whatever is causing it?

I am thankfully not ill with a cold or flu, so just not sure why this is happening lately?

I am considering going to an ENT Doctor to see if he would have some answers or help for me.

Has anyone else experienced this after having VM?

Thank you!

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Yess! I had this feeling for a full year after VM! Docters often don’t know what to do. What kind of VM did you have? Which virus?


Hi Christine, thank you for your reply!

I had the most common virus associated with this, Enterovirus, I believe.

Sorry for the wrong spelling :/

Common cold virus.

It’s unbelievable how long this recovery takes..

It’s so much up and down physically and mentally.

But I know someday I will fully recover.

My job is to take good care of myself and be patient.

I am in the US and have received excellent medical care, but it has been discouraging as there is just so little known about this illness and long recovery.

Every Doctor has basically told me.. be patient. There is no magic pill to instantly cure this.

Time and rest.

I just started Acupuncture on Monday and have seen a slight positive difference in how I am feeling.

I am also starting cranial osteopathy in January.

I thankfully do not suffer with headaches.

I suffer with fatigue, weakness in arms and legs, tremors, and dizziness. Head fullness, pressure in head and ears. Weird pains in my body.

It seems everyone is different but has odd, similar things all stemming from the brain being inflamed and sick from this. I have found it all very strange.

I’ve been blessed with good health all of my life and have gone years without minor illnesses such as a cold or sore throat. So, to have gone through this severe of a sickness has been traumatic to go through for me. I am not shy in admitting I have had to seek professional counseling help

to help me cope with this trauma and this recovery!

I am hoping your recovery continues to improve how you are feeling!

I hope you have a really nice Christmas! :)

Thank you again for your reply!

Take good care,


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Jaime..where are you in the US? I am in California & will hopefully start acupuncture soon. Take Care .. Praying for a better year for all of us!

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Hi Faith!

Thanks for your message.

I am in Texas!

I am finding the acupuncture helpful, just in the short time I have had it.

I think all of us are so desperate to feel better and so weary of not feeling well for so long.

Thank you for the prayers!

I hope the upcoming year is so mich better for us all🙏🏽😊

Take care and let me know how the Acupuncture goes?



I can relate to everything you are saying. Im from Holland. This forum is so great to have!! I have post traumatic issues too. I still have headaches but only when i do to much. And i can do more and more every couple of months now but it has taken soooo much time. Good you are trying new stuff. Osteopath was and is really great for me! Take care hang in there! You are not the only one and don’t blame yourself of slow recovery! Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019!! Christine

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Thanks so much Christine!

It’s a lot to deal with no doubt.

Thank you for your positive and kind reply!

I am SO happy to hear you are improving!!

Hooray!!!! 😍

Take care


I get a sense of pressure at times. Both in sinus and at the rear of my head.

I've had 5 Cranial osteopathy sessions and it has helped.

It is not easy the recovery journey.

Thinking of you x


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