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TB medication 24 hr spinning


Hi Everyone

My wife has fever,headache,vomiting and light sensitive so I took her to hospital but doctor didn’t found anything . Her all report at normal like lumbar test , MRI ,blood test but still doctor told us it could be TB meningitis so they run TB medication but after 3 days of medicine my wife lose her balance and she told me everything around her spinning so we told doctor about this . But doctor also telling us what it happening they don’t know .If anybody have suggestions and what do I have to do about this please share to me. Thanks

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Hi - I hope the lumbar puncture test confirms menijitis. IF so, and if the cause of Viral / other bacterial is ruled out, it could be TBM. Since TB tests take 4-6 weeks to come, the doctors could be right in putting on TB meds. It is really a doctors call and this forum cant help much on meds. Few advices are - Ask for a quick TB test. I cant recall the name, there is one that gives fast result and you could be sure about it. The otherthing about TBM is that it is serious, but fully recoverable. MEdicines are important and usually a steriod is also given togther and tapered off since the risk of stroke in TBM is high. These are only my experiences. Please do consult the doctors. BTW whihc country are you in? In India this is a bit common and treated very well. Hope this helps Dont lose heart. Please be patient and be prepared for a long haul if its TBM. your support / Moral and physical is also most important for recovery. Take care and dont heistate to ask.

Hi I am in Uk at the moment. I don’t know do they do fast test here or not. But my concern is since all the report are normal like lumbar ,MRI ,blood but why they rule out for TB meningitis as there are so many other BM. And I am bit of doubt is that because of medicine side effect she has got 24 hour room spinning problem ,some time she feel less spinning difficult to Walk coz of spinningas well as she told me she has blur and cloudy vision. If you have any idea about it please share to me Thanks. Not only this they are going to do MRI again on Monday and they told me they are going to refer ENT I don’t know it will help or not.Thanks

On the head spinning, Menijitis messes with the brain, and the effect of TBM is losign balance and sometimes severe vertigo ( head spinning) This usually take time to settle, but it does. treating the underlying cause of TBM is most important. MEdication regime could run up to 9-12 months if its TBM. So, Please be patient and support.

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. Actually in lumbar test everything looks normal and blood test and MRI everything is fine. At the beginning one of the doctor give us sinusitis medicine and it was not working.After that for few days they admit my wife to hospital during that time they didn’t run any medicine so may be after 4 days one of the doctor told us they have to run TB medicine. After taking medicine may be 3 days later my wife told me about spinning problem. My concern is doctor are not sure about TB meningitis so they run it and we are thinking it could be it’s side effect. Not only this one of the doctor was telling that she feels it viral miningitis on last time as well. So don’t know yet they stop medicine for few days and doing MRI. What might be the cause don’t know yet. If you have any suggestions please let me know thanks

Has Labrinthitis been ruled out?

Topmanhughes in reply to Celtic

Not yet .Thanks

Maybe she has viral meningitis! Sometimes it doesn’t show up on bloodwork. I have the balance thing to. It is awful!! Maybe its the medicine but it could also be the after affects of meningitis. The docters know so little about the after effects.

Did they say anything about BPPV? I had this several times after VM. And all the other symptoms she has too.. she must really take it slow. And if you are not taking seriously please look for the right person. They are out there but hard to find!

Thanks for your reply. We thought it might be viral as well but later on doctor give medicine for TB don’t know yet is that right or wrong. As all of the reports are normal. But ever since she start taking medicine all those spinning comes out. When we inform doctor they stop medicine and doing MRI so don’t know yet what is right or wrong please give us your suggestions . Thanks

Maybe it is a virus and the tb medication is making things worse.. but its such a difficult call to make because you don’t know yet..

For the dizziness you could try acupuncture. If its not the medication and just after effects of brain inflammation (i think that is going on) this helped me a lot. I hope you get answers soon! It took me a while before i knew what was happening!! She has to try to listen to her body. Mostly you feel whats going on!!

I contracted bacterial Meningitis three years ago this week. I was in a coma for one week and had open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve that the BM destroyed. The first thing I noticed, when I was able to tell what was going on was that I could not hear out of my left ear at all and it was ringing, bad. About a month later they got me up and I was immediately dizzy. No syncope. Everything was spinning and I had no balance. They thought it was my sinuses. After fighting my insurance provider for a year to get testing done at UW medical center they found that the vestibular system was destroyed in my left ear and some in my right ear. The Dr. at UW Medicine stated that this was not caused by the tremendous amount of antibiotics but meningitis itself. Prednisone at the beginning might have helped, but how could you tell. I still have issues to this day, I can not drive hardly at all. My cognition is affected. Balance and vision issues. Migraines etc.

Get the vestibular testing done from a reputable professional. My father also had symptoms like yours 16 years ago and it was not meningitis. He was vomiting for four days and could not walk. He got treated and went through therapy and it worked, He has some bad days, but rarely.

I hope this helps. Sometimes the answers are not always there at first.

Good Luck

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