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26 Months post VM


I am 26 month post VM. I have a history of Extremely painful Migraines for 8 years. I always end up at ER by day 3 with migraine headache. I was always given Demoral and Vistaril to relieve my pain. Stayed in observation for 6-8 hours then released. Migraines stopped in 1987 after receiving Acupuncture in my right eyebrow.

Migraines started again about 5 years ago, but not as severe until August 2016. Went to urgent care day 3 of Migraine, on a Friday, RX for Norco then told to see my Primary doctor on Monday which I did because pain was still present. she gave me a shot for the pain and nausea. The next day went to work for a morning meeting, by 3pm I started talking but not making any sense; I told my staff "I feel strange I'm going home. Got home at 3:34pm, my husband helped me to lay down in bed. No sooner he closed the door I felt as though my head exploded. Immediately I was having the worse severe pain I couldnt open my eyes. He took me to ER, they said it's just a Migraine. NOT!!! Tried Diaudin, Morphine, Norco. Nothing eased my pain, I was crying so bad which made it worse.Did a CT scan and Spinal Tap at 3:00am, results menegitis. Now they know why I'm in so much pain. I told them to give me DemoraI but they said that it's only given after surgery. I was immediately quarantined for 7 days enduring head pain level at a 15 out of 10, yes that severe. I was barely alive by day 4, on oxygen, my lungs were bad, i could not urinate thus had to be catheterized, which stayed for 2.5 weeks. My pain level was off the charts, given pain meds, combo of dilaudin every 2 hours, then Morphine followed by Norco. Since it was VM not BM I was sent home on day 8 with Norco and Morphine to be taken every 4 hours. By day 11 the pain started lessening to a 7, each day thereafter it eased up. Took 6-8 weeks to get to a 3 out of 10. Recovered but My nerves are shot due to extreme pain. I fear having that pain again so much I have panicked attacks, with severe depression. I now see a Therapist.

I went to bed at 11pm after taking pain meds for headache, woke up at 5am due to headache. Took 2 500mg of Tylenol at 5:15am and at 11:30 headache is back.Another 2 Tylenol taken since I hadn't eaten. Finally at 12:30pm the pain was coming down.

Now 6pm headache with nausea.

I'm so scared that VM might come back. Do we really get better after the effects of VM?

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I am so sorry you are having this much pain. I am post vm and encephilitis a little over 2 years. Since I had swelling of the brain i never knew anything. But since being home and started having migrains last last year. Lasted 9 weeks! I think maybe it was a flare up of vm again. I have panic attacks and almost like ptsd of getting it again. Do we ever get any better? I'm not, but I am 68 years old now. I hope you feel better soon.

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Sorry it happened to you too. I agree my Migraines feel very close to VM pain.

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