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Hi there looking for some advice, i was diagnosed with VM 7 weeks ago. For the past 2 weeks i have started feeling fairly normal i had post VM symptoms of short term memory loss and feeling vacant all time. The only thing i hadnt had until now is a headache, it started last night with nausea and today had been intermittent all day at the back of my head also feeling like a pressure in my head. As i've not really suffered with headaches since i was diagnosed i am really concerned and a little paranoid incase i'm having another attack bearing in mind its not nearly as bad as when i was diagnosed! Can anyone tell me if this sounds normal?

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  • Hi Tonix, can only attest to my spouse's symptoms. She is approximately the same amount of time from her VM diagnosis as you. She had headaches initially, but they have since subsided. Her main complaint now is dizziness. My main complaint is her poor impulse control, and outbursts of anger. Wished I could shed more light on you situation. Don't know if this post can any way help, but I found the more info out there the better the chance somebody may be helped. All the best Jergen

  • Hi, I had near fatal VM 14 years ago so I hope I can talk with some authority on the subject. Headaches after VM are very common although the causes can be many if they get worse the more tired you are then it's a good sign that you're doing too much and you need to rest. Despite what the medical profession is taught in training, VM can be serious and even when it isn't it can still take time to get over, usually much longer than the two weeks that doctors will tell you you'll feel better by. VM is after all an illness of the brain where the cavities between your skull and your brain have filled with fluid and put pressure on your brain so that's why headaches are quite common post VM. The best advice I can give you is rest when your body says rest and don't try and push through the tiredness, it will just make things worse and slow down your recovery. Please feel free to PM me if you would like to know more about my experiences or have a look at my blog posts on here 😊.

  • Jonad 724,

    Do you still get head aches or have that vacant feeling in your head now

  • Hey, yes I have a headache pretty much all the time which varies in intensity depending on how tired or stressed (or both) I am. I also suffer from Mollaret's and the intensity of the headache is a good indicator of when an attack is coming. They're triggered by stress but the vacant feeling often comes as well so I don't always recognise it, I find it hard to string words together and my balance goes.

  • I'm very sorry to hear your story. Thankyou for taking time to write back.

    I worry that my headaches will not go away in time.

    I wish there was more that could be done.

  • Hello Tonix, This can be very normal when recuperatiing from VM, lots of rest & staying hydrating are very important . Do not over do , you need adequate time to recover. If your headache because severe once again , Seek medical attention right away. Wishing you all the best for a healthy recovery!!🙏

  • Thank you all so much for your replies, thankfully my head ache eased but at least i now know they can be a common symptom while recovering from VM. Unfortunately when i was discharged from hospital i was lead to believe VM was not that serious and would be fine within the week even my GP has admitted not knowing too much about it or the recovery. Its really reassuring to speak to people who have been through the same thing.

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