VM in '13

I had a strange, nagging pain at the base of my head July 2013 for about 2 weeks. I went to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with Hypertension & given several medications. The meds didn't seem to work. I then developed the WORST headache ever. After 2 ER visits & 3 doctor visits, I was told I had what sounded like VM. It was "unofficially" confirmed after 3 other cases in the area. I was told since it was viral, there was nothing much I could do. Just rest & take OTC Ibuprofen/Tylenol. 2 years later, I'm still having issues: dizziness, lightheaded, fatigue, headaches, fullness & pressure in my head, etc. I do what I know to do b/c it seems going to the doctor is useless. But it has been comforting to know that long term side effects are common, especially when I hear so many health care educators say 10-14 you should be back to normal. False. Everyone's body is different! And so is their healing process.

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  • My advise to you is see a good nuroligist even if you have to go private for the first time to set a plan out for you for your GP .I am sorry to hear what you are going through as ism going through hell myself at the moment till I get my plan in place good luck with your recovery and try not to do to much rest is the key here .

    Jean viral meningitis .

  • I will. And thank you!

  • Go see an Infectious Disease doctor as well so they can do a full blood work up on you. I don't think they can diagnose viral meningitis without identifying the strain of virus you have. Same as they cannot diagnose bacterial meningitis without identifying the bacteria which is why I was diagnosed with aseptic meningitis which is bacterial, bacteria unknown. I responded so well to the antibiotics they pushed through my body at the hospital that it had to be bacterial but the culture never developed to determine which strain I had.

    Good luck to you.

  • Thank you!

  • These doctors need to do their due diligence and take a little time to research. It is so sad that all we have is each other to deal with this.

    our loved ones don't understand because the docs don't. We can't all be wrong. 30 years ago my step mom was diagnosed with vm. Way back then the doc said he would try to make sure she had as little brain damage as possible. They have probably never seen a full spinal view on film via mylogram. If they had, they would know better.

  • In my case it was bm. Still once you have had it, even though it is not active, doesn't mean its not still in you. Make sense?

  • I thought the same thing. I mean, does it ever go completely away? I would have to say no. We'll always, in some form or fashion, have some type of issues.

  • Wow!

  • My biggest wish for you is that your brain and central nervous system continue to improve. I would suggest working out your brain with some kind of memory/puzzle kinds of games. It does help me. Best wishes to you I will be praying for your improvement.

  • I will most certainly take this sound advice & run with it. Best wishes to you as well.

  • And I also will be praying for you!

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