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Wife in hospital

My wife was admitted to hospital two days ago with suspected BM, not diagnosed yet as waiting for results from LP, although they have her on antibiotics at the moment on the basis it’s expected to come back as the problem..

Prior to admitting she had sickness and loose stools a few weeks ago then a banging head and stiff neck for last week, we put it down to a bug then muscle problem from sleeping awkwardly.

Blood tests come back to say she has the staph aureus bug not sure if that could be the cause or linked??

She is conscious and seems generally herself (when on pain relief for headaches) but I concerned how things will pan out from here.

We have three kids of 4, 2 and 5 months so I am obviously worried about what the future will hold


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Mine started from an ear infection, so I assume any infection can be a cause. Good that she's on antibiotics and they're trying to get on top of the infection - your wife is in the best place.

I imagine it's all a bit daunting at the moment, even the mention of BM sets your mind racing with all sorts of worse case scenarios. But, that's not necessarily the case, my own experience in 2008 was of a very grave illness initially, followed by a quite lengthy recovery, however, I'm through the other side now and life's pretty much how it was before. I know everyone's experience is different.

I would take positives in that your wife is getting treatment, they're obviously taking it seriously. My illness took them a little longer to diagnose, which did cause issues initially.

Either way, I'd get ready for certainly a few months (maybe several) of convalescing. Expect your wife to suffer fatigue for some time and rest really is the key not doing too much. Easy to say I know with 3 kids..

One of the biggest things for me when recovering is that everyone thought I was fine, because I looked well, but certainly for the first few months everyday I felt as though I'd run a marathon the previous one. I couldn't get my thoughts straight, a lot of things didn't make sense - as if someone have shaken my head and my brain had been replaced with scrabbled eggs and sawdust. It's hard to explain and even harder to understand I guess. For the sufferer these things are wildly frustrating (as well as for the "carer")

The best way I can describe the illness is that it's like having the worst hangover on top of having the flu.

I hope things improve soon for your wife.



Thanks, she is not in a coma etc very with it at the moment so I’m hoping that is a good sign for recovery


Thank You for sharing this. I'm out of hospital and nursing home for last 5 weeks. I have no energy and My sleep is really messed up. Increased back and abdominal pain. My Daughter gets really upset when I get tired. It's like I'm not allowed to rest. I think my being unconscious for 12 days was too upsetting for Her. She wants Me awake. I'm also terrified of another episode. I'm lucky that She was keeping such a close eye on Me. I've been sick for past 2 years with infections. She is a med student and got Me to hospital within 2-10 hours of worse possible outcome. It was her telling Doctors what She saw They say saved My life or at least a long recovery time. How can I explain I just need rest so I can recover when I already put Her through so much!

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So sorry to hear about your wife. The fact that she doesn't seem to have any ill effects is good. Sometimes there are changes in mood etc. since it is technically a brain injury and sometimes people have no after effects. Try not to worry or anticipate trouble. She will draw strength from your support. For you, keep us posted & we will help you through this! Take care of yourself & your little ones.


Interesting day today, they have tested the LP fluid and whilst it’s looks abnormal they are not 100% sure it’s meningitis but another infection, just not sure what at this stage. They did say that a urine or bowel infection can sometime display meningitis symptoms, time will tell they are doing more tests now. Thanks everyone


Hoping for the urine or bowel infections....would be such an easier fix!


I am sending you love and best of all to you and your family. There is no normal progression in this, so you just have to wait and see, and take it one day at a time. The hospital is the best place for her to be, let them do their job and you do yours as support for her and your children. very best to you.

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Oh poor you! My heart goes out to you. My experience is very close to graham's. I too would caution not letting her do too much too soon. I felt fine when I got home after 3 weeks in hospital having been told I had made a 'dramatic ' recovery. I went back to running our B and B and looking after our 20 horses. Then wham - after three months or so I suddenly ended up with eye and ear problems a mushy brain and stiff sore neck. The doctors prescribe pain killers which I seldom take but seem at a loss to help much. This isn't likely to be your wife's experience but it's worth being aware that the wretched illness in insidiously spiteful and can creep up in lots of different ways way after you think you are better. I so hope you have good help with the children. What a lot you have to manage. Good luck and good courage. Heather


Latest is thankfully she does not have meningitis but she is showing the symptoms however they don’t know what is wrong with her., the wait goes on!!


Thanks for the update, at least you can cross that off the list I guess...


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