Tb in brain

My mom is 67 year old,she is suffering from Tb in brain, Tb medication is going on,is she can recover the normal life after treatment?

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  • Yes , what are her symptoms ?

    Is she having multiple ring in her brain ?

  • Now she is fine and having good mobility. but after taking Tb tablet she is very weak and dizziness..

  • Irregular shaped thick walled rim enhancing with t2 hypointense wall in paramedian left occipital lobe with petilesional edema and few other small adjacent rim enhancing daughter lesions..

  • Hi Chandua, I am so sorry that this has happened to your mother. Is it that she has Meningitis caused by Tuberculosis? I do not have experience with this in particular, but I do know that all things are possible. Tuberculosis is a bacteria, and people do recover from bacterial meningitis, so I believe this is the thought and the hope that you can hold. As well, talk to the doctors, even if you have to ask multiple times, this is a new language for us (the language of medicine) and sometimes we have to ask several times to have things explained. My very best to you and your mother, in Love and Understanding, Michelle

  • Hi Chendua! I realy hope your mom to be healthy after tb meningit. I HAVE E PREINCED with ilness 14 years ago and it depends on which nervous cells are being damaged by bacteria.

  • Hi Chendua!

    I am about the same age as your mom. I was diagnosed with TB Meningitis December 2015. I had 3 bouts of meningitis and hospitalizations before I was finally diagnosed. I was on high doses of TB medications for a year. Side effects of the drugs can be challenging and the treatment and recovery takes a very long time. I am not the same as I was before my illness and your mom may be different too. I have trouble processing things, it is hard for me to follow conversations, my balance is not good, and I don’t remember how to do many things. I am grateful to be alive and able to function. Give your mom lots of time to recover and remember everyone is different. She is going to need lots of help and love. My daughters say they have a new mom now and your mom might be different too. I will keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Thanks for ur kind words,hope she will recover soon...

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