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Viral meningitis and swollen optic nerve


I recently had a very bad headache, sensitive scalp, fever and vomiting. The head sensitivity I can best describe as feeling like bad sunburn across my scalp. I spent the best part of 2 weeks in bed, mostly sleeping and hardly eating. Went to my GP who arranged a blood test which showed nothing untoward. Told me to go home and rest. After just over 3 weeks from onset I noticed a large number of floaters in my right eye so fearing Giant Cell Arteritis went straight to the emergency ophthalmic clinic at my local hospital. They found that I had a swollen optic nerve in my right eye. Had Ultrasound, CT scans and Fluorescein Angiogram amongst other tests. No obvious cause for the nerve problem showed up. Other than the floaters I had no other noticeable visual symptoms. Diagnosis was Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy due to blood supply blockage to the nerve although no blockage was actually found.

However it seems a very strange coincidence to me that an unrelated eye problem should occur at the same time as I was still poorly with viral meningitis symptoms.

My son who is a GP but unfortunately does not live near enough to see me in person thought it sounded like I had viral meningitis although I have had no test explicitly for this.

I strongly suspect that intracranial pressure caused by meningitis has caused the optic nerve swelling. However, I am told that meningitis would have shown up on the CT scans and that intracranial pressure would probably affect both eyes.

Two months on I feel much better but still suffer from a degree of fatigue, occasional (milder) headaches, and the eye floaters.

I wondered if anyone has had a similar experience and whether anyone knows if floaters and unilateral optic nerve swelling can occur as a result of a bout of viral meningitis.

Many thanks for any replies.

Kind regards


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Hello. Sorry to hear of your experience. Viral meningitis doesn't show up on any scan, only when a lumbar puncture and csf (fluid) is removed and tested in the lab. I'm 2 yrs 4 mths post VM but at the same time I had labyrinthitis and a facial palsy. I still have daily headaches and have to pace myself, the balance issue cleared up inside 6 months while in Bell's Palsy, 90% recover completely, but not me! - my face is still affected by paralysis and aberrant reinnervation. Take things easy and return to the Ophthalmic A and E if worried. Hope this helps.


Please give my daughter's story a read on this site. Rosie S's Story. Here lies sugnificant success (from what we know so far), for complete recovery from VM!

She suffered for near on two years before discovering meningitis now, subsequently trying cranial massage by visiting an independant cranial osteopath in her area.

Some of the symptoms you are experiencing are pretty much similar to what she suffered. It seems the key, and recent breakthrough, is releasing the spinal fluid which VM leaves a blockage for...and enabling it to flow again through your body, particularly your head.

There are some on this sight who have now given it a go after reading about it, and after just a couple of sessions, felt considerable relief.

I the last few weeks Rosie and I have been contacted by the media, news papers and radio to tell our story of this potential breakthrough!

We now feel we want to help as many poor people who have suffered this dreadful illness for which before now seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck and please keep posed how you get on if you try this amazing treatment. Rosie coupled this with acupuncture, having alternate treatments once a week, now a couple of months in.


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