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Viral meningitis cause fibromyalgia?

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Does anyone know if viral meningitis can cause fibromyalgia? I have t been diagnosed but 3 months ago I got VM. I’m still suffering daily headaches and take 60mg of nortiptilyn which is a headache prevention med. will have to work up to 80mg and stay there for a significant amount of time. I’m still getting headaches/migraines accompanied with vision issues. I know before VM I had some symptoms of fibromyalgia but again that could be symptoms of many Illnesses. What I know for sure is my AMA test for auto immune disease is negative which is good. However , some days I struggle with joint pain and my pain in left knee really hurts. More so in the morning. I have certain trigger points like the inside of my knees that if barely touched hurts like hell. This symptom was occurring prior to VM. I have always had bowel problems too. My memory has gone down a bit and sometimes I struggle with getting the right words out. Constantly feel foggy, since VM I get very bad anxiety and panic attacks. Some days I feel good and am strong. Some days my muscles are so weak I don’t have energy to just load dishwasher. The fatigue is also a huge problem. Just no energy. Sometimes it’s so bad it feels like my VM is coming back which adds anxiety and panic. I get upper leg and upper arm weakness. I’m just hoping someone can relate and have any insite or advice. Thanks

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Hi there...I had suspected VM about 9 months ago and shortly after began dealing with many similar symptoms, the main one being severe leg weakness/shakiness when I walked, as well as bone/muscle pain, anxiety, and strange neuro symptoms like "rain drop" feelings and buzzing sensations, night sweats and others. As many people on this forum will tell you, what you're feeling is very normal for someone who has had VM. It may take a long time, but your body will slowly heal and these symptoms will fall away. A lot of mine have gone away as time went on, but I am still dealing with some on occasion (mainly the muscle weakness) and I have to be careful not to overdo it.

Just know that your body will heal, and know that you have to pace yourself and not overdo it. Stay hydrated and eat as clean as you can, and your body will have an easier time.

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Yes I had all these symptoms also! For a good two weeks had constant tingling in the legs. The muscle weakness in legs was scary cause I could barely walk. I’ve also developed bone pain in my knees. For the first month I would have random panic attacks so severe lasting more than an hour I’m still dealing with anxiety and am afraid of having more panic attacks. Glad to know at some point I’m likely to get better. I do think I will approach my neurologist about the Botox as nothing else seems to be working

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Yes, my bone pain was pretty localized in my knees & shinbone area. It mainly comes back around my period, so hormones/inflammation may be a factor. And yes, the anxiety is definitely normal after VM. Two weeks after my initial diagnosis , I had a panic attack for the first time in my life and ran to the ER because I thought I was having some sort of heart attack! I've been on a few supplements that have really helped, including ashwagandha for the anxiety, and I eat 2 cups of wild blueberries every day (good for brain health). I also started to get craniosacral therapy, after another user recommended it on this forum and I think it's slowly been helping, although i've only had 2 sessions so far. I hear it's a wonder for headaches, so you may want to look into it.

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U have aLot going on, 3 yrs ago I had VM , it’s a tough journey and most of ur symptoms are familiar. A lot of nerve damage happens with VM, brain signals received from all parts of body are confused & pronounced pain is felt regardless of cause or reason. Migraines were treated with 3 treatments of Botox injections in occipital region of brain, & r now gone. Confusion, word searching, fatigue, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm haven’t been as easily solved. Vision issues, balance have gotten better but still daily struggles, good days & bad. I don’t believe any test is going to answer ur questions as to how or why certain things are happening, that’s why it’s ur journey, ur search for answers that will lead u to adapt to the “New” you. Learn all u can from everyone and do the best u can, and rest when ur 😴 tired, take care of urself wishing the best...


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BugsyD in reply to sonnerkay

Thank you. I’m glad to know that what I’m feeling is normal and am not alone. It’s so frustrating cause everyone else doesn’t seem to get it and think I should be back to normal cause. Going on month 3 today from diagnoses. I’ve progressively gotten a bit better but still have all those symptoms mentioned above as well as same as you. Sometimes I just feel so foggy as well. Thank you

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Hi I ached for good year and more post vm. Had to get treated for neuropathic pain. But it’s gotten better post five years now. Had loads of muscle weakness but that will improve too. It’s incredible the effect it has on you but for the most people it gets better

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I still have chronic migraine from it and neck pain and still not fit like I was, but overall so much better I’m almost like a normal person....well not quite but hey!!! It’s almost normal. Sounds like a biography title haaa haaa

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Sounds like what a lot of us have experienced after meningitis. The anxiety and mental aspects of it are what have stuck with me the most. Still trying to find ways to help with those. As far as the body pains and physical symptoms, I can’t tell you a magic medicine but drink a lot of water, rest when you need to, eat well, take daily vitamins. It’s not a cure but it really does help! The headaches can last a long time. Staying hydrated helps though. I noticed always getting them more when it rained, which is crazy to me but I felt like I could predict rain based off my headaches. Praying for you !

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Good advice. Thank you!

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I’m having the worst time. Was diagnosed around 2/14/18. So it’s been 3 months. Before this I would occasionally get shingles under my left arm. Maybe once every few years. Now they are suddenly back! And the headaches are worse. I’m very weak and my back does hurt and my spine is a bit tender. When they diagnosed me it was aseptic VM. They think it could be an immune issue cause I had step b as a baby that almost killed me. But I am wondering if maybe it’s the shingles that caused VM? I’ve read it can. Does anyone know anything about this? I’m so sick of not feeling well. I was so weak today I felt like passing out. Now I have no appetite. I’m so afraid I’ll get VM again...

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I had vm from hsv2. Shingles is a herpes virus also. Any herpes virus can cause meningitis.

I went through one and a half years of living a nightmare, same symptoms you list.

I found some things that really worked well for me, I come to these forums to share.

Searching for any relief I could find, I came across Graviola/soursop tea while searching things that help lymphatic systems.

To my shock, it not only relieved my lymphatic problems, it almost fully subsided my headaches, neck pain, body aches, nerve problems, etc.

I ordered Omura organic 30 teabags from Amazon. I drank 2 cups a day, one in a.m, one in p.m. Steeped for 10 minutes, sweetened with sugar or honey and creamer.

I also took supplements for brain and energy: Gotu Kola, Apple Pectin, and Grape seed extract.

I took some immune system supplements: echinacea root, Dandilion root, zinc, vitamin c.

Neem capsules for antiviral.

And milk thistle before bed to keep liver and kidneys from getting overloaded.

After just two months, I felt better than I ever imagined.

I've been feeling good now for two years. And really hoping this helps you and others suffering with this.

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Wow! Good advice. I will definitely try anything at this point. Granted I’m way better than when I was first sick but having chronic issues is a struggle at work. I have issues visually and words on computer screens become blurry I get pressure in my head and having shingles pain. I just want to feel better. I will look into the tea and supplements. Thank you!

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The tea worked fast for me, All head pains and head issues significantly decreased in first week. Within a couple of months all issues were almost fully subsided. I order Omura organic 30 tea bags off Amazon, it seems to be the strongest one Ive tried. After all symptoms subsided, within two months, I cut back to only one cup a week. I also cut back supplements to 5-7 days I take, then I break for 12-14 days off.

Also I use Neem oil on my hsv sores, I don't know if it would be the same for shingles, if it's skin irritation? But, I applied on sores, 2-3 applications later, itching and pain were gone. Never got a sore again. I now apply that once a week before bed, anywhere I ever had itching, burning, or sores.

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I was also at point where I would've tried anything. I read where the tea is linked to Parkinson's. Then I researched into the actual study done on the island of Guam. It was a joke--very limited, very small subject group on an island where graviola/Soursop fruit is a main source of food. I decided worth the risk. Two years no negative side effects.

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So my headaches have improved. I still get them a few times a week. More like migraines. However I still have visual issues. I find when things move too fast it hurts my eyes. Almost like a pressure. Busy patterns hurt them as well. My neurologist referred me to vestibular therapy. And then If that doesn’t help I have to see an ear Nose and throat doctor to verify if I have an inner ear problem. Has anyone experienced this after meningitis?

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