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Group B Strep meningitis

Hi folks, have just found this page so this is my first post. I wanted to share our story..

My daughter was diagnosed with meningitis at 8 days old, due to group b Strep. It was something we had never heard of, despite having another child, so it was all a bit of a blur. Not knowing it was something to look for we were very lucky we got the help when we did. She hadn't been taking her feeds well at all and we were concerned about dehydration so called nhs24 for advice. Thankfully, because she was a newborn they sent us to the local 24hr doctor for a wee look. The doc took one look at her a told us to get ourselves up to A&E and she would phone an ambulance to meet us on route! Things got very serious, very quickly. We got there before the ambulance could meet us. On arrival there was a team of doctors and nurses ready and waiting, and they set about getting her stable. They did various tests on her once we Were admitted into the ward and the results came back fairly quickly. Meningitis. It felt like the bottom fell out of our world! The stories you hear about meningitis are usually the poor babies and children who don't make it. You start to fear the worst in the hope things will be better, and thankfully she started to fight it. Temperature spikes, failing cannulas, lumbar punctures, brain scans. After 7 days the results were showing her markers coming down. They kept administrating the iv antibiotics for a further 7 days to make sure they had got all of the infection.

After two weeks in hospital we took her home. She's had follow ups with paediatric docs and hearing tests but all have come back clear and therefore discharged. So far there has been no lasting effects from the meningitis.

Now, we have a 22 month old character. However her behaviour has been somewhat challenging of late. I was sent an article about a similar experience to ours where a child had been through a stay in hospital with meningitis from GBS and despite an all clear, they struggled to settle in school and showed signs of sensory issues. The school weren't very sensitive to the issues and punished the child for behaviour they had no control over.

I am curious to find out if anyone else has behaviour issues with a child who has recovered from meningitis? Our oldest daughter is so well behaved and to the best of our ability our second daughter has been treated and disciplined the same way. There's obviously going to be differences as they're individuals but in the back of my mind I'm worried about future issues.

Looking forward to hearing others perspectives 😊

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Hi big bird dawn. Sorry to hear about your child and I am glad that she survived bacterial meningitis. I had bacterial meningitis 2 years ago and it turned into septicemia so I was very lucky to survive!!

I am adult (42) and have to say the behavioral issues you are talking about also affected me. I have problems with memory, get tired easily and now and again I will get upset for no particular reason.

I think many people underestimate what the after affects can do to a person regardless of age. I wonder if your child's teacher and the school needs to learn a bit more about bacterial meningitis and the after affects? This way they will be able to support your child and be more sympathetic towards your situation.

I hope things get better for you and daughter.


Hello.. My daughter was diagnosed with BM at 40 days old. She is now 19 months old and has been reaching milestones expected. The things that worry me as well as you is that she seems to have temper. she has a strong opinion about everything and she insists on doing whatever has her mind up. I am wondering wether this is her character or if it is an outcome of what she has been through..

She has also low apetite and no good relationsip with food and eating. Am wonering about this as well.

I would like to hear stories from other parents that their children had meningitis and that now are teenagers and youn adults..


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