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Son had ecoli meningitis at 6 weeks and 10 weeks old

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Hi, im just looking for some advice off someone who's child has had meningitis. My son had ecoli meningitis twice at 5 weeks and 10 weeks old and sepsis. We are currently having speech therapy and play develompent therapy as he doesnt talk at all, he was 2 at the beginning of august. I know he is still young but he doesnt say anything other than yey or go. I have this feeling that something isnt quite right. It might be that he has delayed development or something else. The paediatrician im under hasnt helped much. My health visitor is the one who has helped me. He had an mri a few weeks ago and thankfully it came back normal but they still havent answered my questions. I feel like i hit a brick wall with the hospital therefore im looking for help in otherways. If anyone has had an experiene with a child having meningitis i would really apprectiate your advice and to hear your story. Thankyou.

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hi hun. Sorry for what you have both been through. It's dreadful you went through it twice. My son was only 20 days old when he got ecoli meningitis. It was the single most terrifying thing I've ever been through. Charlie had 5 weeks in total on anti biotic via a PICC Line straight to his heart. When we finally got out, we had his ears and eyes tested relativley quickly. He's just coming up to 9 months, amd we've still got lots of milestones to go. Charlie is babbling, but not crawling at this moment in time. He's got a development check on my older sons birthday next week. I will be asking myself about developmental delay, as they warned that wouldn't manifest itself until 2-3 sometimes even later. We also got discharged very early from peds which i was annoyed about because we still.have so many milestones to get to through. They were talking about MRI and things if i had concerns with Charlie but he's still so small we've got a long way to go yet. did you ever get to the bottom of where it came from? We never did. When i first got in touch with meningitis now, they sent me a journal which looks like a red book (the ones you take to baby clinic) the journal has lots of sections about development and what's normal and when to seek help. It might help you. I'm sorry your feeling unsupported. it need sorting through before your munchkin starts school. So you do right to persue it now. Feel free to direct message me and I'm happy to talk anytime.

best of luck


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