My son 4 yrs had meningitis and he is in coma from last 4 weeks when he is in mood he laugh.when he is going to be fine?

every one hope you all are doing fine.

My son had meningitis and he is in coma from last 4 weeks . Problem is he is two years old before he was very active now some time when he is in mood he laugh.he wont let us to touch has body .he doesn't know who am I

I reaally when is going to be fine?

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  • My girlfriend also hospitalized few weeks ago.I can understand how u feeling this.I will pray for ur son to rocover soon...BUDUSARANAI!

  • Thank you

  • Am so sorry to hear that

    Sending you lots of hugs and prayers

  • Thanx fam for u r kindly reply

  • Hi Haris-dildar,

    You don't say what kind of meningitis your son has but I had meningococcal septicaemia and absolutely couldn't toterate the pain of being touched. Even if a nurse touched my hospital BED, I screamed in pain! That pain dissipated over 6 months and by the time I was released from the hospital, ONLY my toes AREA felt that extreme pain.

  • Ignoreit thnx for your kindly replay

  • i'm so sorry to hear that, but you son is gonna be better just it is question of time , be patince,

  • Menin thnx

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