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My 3yrs old Son Recovering from Bacterial Meningitis


Hi. My son is under recovery from Bacterial Meningitis ( streptococcus pygenes meningitis )

He got the sickness when he was 9months old, with 5days fever it was devastating and heartbreaking to see him in ICU before.

He has severe eczema during the time.

He has hypernatremia with polyuria due to secondary diabetes insipidus and started to take Desmopressin for follow up the regular serum electrolytes. His taking levetiraceram ( keppra ) for controlling his seizure. His vision was affected too due to the sickness.

After 2yrs taking the levetiracetam ( Keppra ), theres no sign of seizure so the Neurologist stopped the medication

Recently, few months after he reached 3yrs old. I have observe that he has mild jerking movement everydaY. We have consulted his Neurologist and advised to continue again the levetiracetam. For a parent like us, its very hard to see how he struggle the pain. As he normally cried now when he is having mild seizure.

His growth development got delay as well.

Now He can only able to stand with support and can talk few words. I would say he is really a Fighter! He is very jolly boy and would love to play all the time. But on his age, we dont know exactly how he feels and we would like to know how long he will suffer the pain. We prayed that he can be a normal kid.

We are looking forward to hear more on the positive recovering from the BM. We hope his vision will be back again.

With lots of hope and pray 🙏.

Lily from Dubai.

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Did he took ATT, anti tuberculosis therapy, and for how long have he taken the TB medicines?

Hi. But is ATT related to BM ?

I am not so knowledgeable in medicam terms. What is TBmedicine?

Please see my profile and my post, in our country for brain maningitis and brain tuberculoma doctors give anti tuberculosis medications for at least 18 months or till tuberculoma disappear,

My wife went through the longest period of medication, its her 23th month of medicine brain MRI is clear now and doctor told to complete the 24 months in order to be not repeated she also takes liverticetam 250mg twice daily in the beginning she was taking 500mg twice daily.

Please see my post for more details.

I hope a fast recovery to your son.


Hi Lily,

So sorry to hear about the adventure your little boy is going through.

My prayers reach out to you and i hope he will make steb by steb progress.

He is alive, and as you said, a fighter!

Thank you for your prayers euagelia.

God bless him

thank you Isoke.

I suggest you join a fb group...lots of help. I joined when I got viral meningitis. God Bless your little warrior🙏 and you too!

thank you and God Bless

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