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Meningitis Now
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Update about my sister

My sister was down with the viral meningitis like 4weeks ago she has been given series of drips wasnt really talking normally but now she has ki d of reagined her consiousness also has been discharged from the hospital but she is always weak and again she cant hear when they talk to her pls i want to knw will she regain her hearing as am kind of worried. She cant walk on her on also she staggers and had to be held or supported.

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I have bad tinnitus due to viral meningitis 16 years ago. I recently had it again but a worse case. And my hearing is great but the tinnitus is worse. Only an audio test will tell you if its the nerve or actually hearing. VM usually damages the nerve not the hearing.


Hi there, please read my daughter, Rosie S's Story on this site. She, like your sister was in a terrible state post VM for near on two years, but after having some cranial massage sessions, from a cranial osteopath, she is pretty much cured and feels back to her old self. It's the only thing that worked for her after trying antidepressants and varied painkillers. This has been such a recent breakthrough, that she has been in local newspapers and now a radio station would like to interview her in order to spread the word. Wishing you luck with your sisters recovery. Xx


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