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New Update: Some good rest is bad

Hello everyone,

Greetings for a beautiful day ahead.

You've been really wonderful and supportive to me for past few months while i have disturbed you all with so many questions at times.

I am posting this to share a bit of happiness. On the new year eve i was really stressed as I had nothing to celebrate about. As you all know about my 22 years old fiancée. She contracted with E in July, 13 and since then i was in extreme stress. But god always has his own plans. My fiancée was missing her periods post her illness and i posted about the same many times before. But her periods started on 1st of January. It was the most pleasant gift i could get for the new year. I am very happy but still stressed as she has following issues. Your valuable asvises are always helpful to me for helping her.

1. She still has stiffness and spasm in right arm and left leg. Which is making her unable to walk on her own. However she tries to walk with support but as she stretch her knee she feels terrible pain and she start to cry. And because of this she's fearful of walking. It's painful.

2. Bladder and bowel incontinence is still there.

3. She's still having mood swings and poor memory and recognition. She sometimes seems really well recognising people and soem othe time she can't. She now asks when she'll be fine again to walk on her own. She remains so silent while she was so talkative before.

I request you to kindly leave your suggestions as only your suggestions helped me to help her in this journey.

Thanks and regards,


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Dear Anuj. I am pleased to hear your news that there have been some small signs of improvement for your fiancee. It is only 6 months since she was stuck with the nasty Meningitis and recovery can gradually continue over 2 years or more. So please do try to stop 'stressing' so much because you need to have patience and not be predicting a doom and gloom future. No one not even doctors can say how much improvement will happen and I know for myself how I was at 6 months post BM is very different to how I am now. I am able to live independently and take full care of my son but I am never going to be completely recovered and will always have some difficulties because of the frontal brain injury I have sustained. I am having to adapt the way I manage things. Continue to be there for her as sadly many relationships and friendships cease because people can't understand or accept what has happened to the person who suffered the Meningitis. We need dependable friends to support us on our recovery journey however far that may take us. I am so pleased that the New Year was marked by an improvement that must give you some grains of hope. Best wishes Anju to you and your fiancee may 2014 see some more positive progress in her health allowing your stress to lessen too.


Thanks a ton strawberrycream,

You have been so supportive in this journey. I am always grateful to you


Thank you for posting your better news.How is your fiancée progressing this month?As strawberrycream says, so very fluently and wisely - meningitis is a long and difficult recovery for many of us.It is very early days yet,so I wish her the best recovery possible.It is clear that you are totally devoted, so having you by her side will be such a support.Which country are you in?Please know we are here for you at any time and there are always people who can share experiences and offer comfort.


Hi Daffodil,

Thanks for your kind reply. Yes she's improving slowly. Any advise will be welcomed from you.


Just take one day at a time.Try not to worry about what she has lost or what the future will be like.God will see you through.Are you in a country with good medical care?


Thanks for your kind support and encouragement. We are in India...She's being treated under the supervision of a world fame doctor for TB meningitis. The doctor is know for his researches on Meningitis and the one who suggested guidelines for the treatment of TB meningitis and his guidelines are being implemented around the world. So it gives me a little relief. However rehab system is not very good here. She's getting Cera Gem therapy classes and physical therapy at home as well.


Wow - she is very lucky to be being treated by an expert ! The rehab system in uk is very patchy and depends on if you live near a major city,so your fiancée is lucky to be getting support.These are all real positives,though I know it must be really upsetting for you to see your lady so damaged.I am going to googlre Cera Gem therapy -haven't heard of this.Please keep us posted.It is really interesting to "meet" people from other countries.


Thanks for your kind replies. I will keep you updated. My fiancee is having Chronic Lacunar Infarcts in right thalamus and left basal gaglia, whic are small strokes. She also has hydrocephalus according to her MRI report but she's not having any headache..So it's more likely to be less severe. Any advise to help her?


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