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Looking for advice - very concerned


Hi there,

I have joined looking for advice.

My partner's work mate has been rushed into hospital after having a cold for a couple of weeks, he has found out he has meningitis and has been put into an induced coma with swelling to the brain. We have been told all who have been in contact with him need antibiotics soon to reduce their risk.

I am looking to find out exactly what approach to take as some of the other work mates have children and we are currently in contact with my partners niece and nephew who are also young. Looking to find out who will all need to be treated to reduce the risk as I am concerned for other members of the families involved with members who are young or elderly and more at risk.

Can any one on here offer advice as both my partner and I are very worried as we are well aware of the risks involved. Everyone is currently feeling fit and healthy and don't feel as though they have been declining in their health, but still concerned.

Thank you in advance for any information and advice offered

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Ring the Meningitis Now helpline as they will be able to answer your question Freephone 0808 80 10 388. I think the 'contact with him' will be the 'close' contacts e.g. who he lives with and anyone he may have kissed and cuddled.

Thank you! I am aware that the partner to the man effected has been in hospital along side him, I'm assuming she will be getting tests to make sure she is okay.

I am feeling pretty unwell today, sore throat, sore head, dizzy feelings and just generally run down. However I am not all that concerned as I have a university exam today and somehow I always end up unwell just before an exam! I do think it will just be a cold and from being run down and stressed about exams and deadlines the past few months. With that in mind I am going to keep an eye on myself and if I feel worse I will take myself to be checked out.

We are all still pretty concerned, its touch and go, he is still in an induced coma so we are all hoping for some good news soon.

Thanks for passing on that number to me

It depends of the strain of meningitis as to whether antibiotics need to be given to close contacts. If the man had that particular strain then the NHS have to notify it and then the department that deals with that type of infectious illness would establish the contacts and antibiotics would be prescribed. Other strains of Meningitis don't need contacts to be treated as not really a risk. Mostly we don't 'catch' Meningitis from others as it is caused by the bacteria that causes colds and flu etc but for some reason for some of us our bodies let the bacteria cross the blood/brain barrier and develop Meningitis. It is not really known why but contributing factors are thought to be being very stressed causing our immune system to be low. I had Bacterial Meningitis but the strain I had didn't need my 5 yr old son or my foster children to be treated with antibiotics. I think I have correctly explained?! Do you know what strain is his meningitis?

Being put into an induced coma is to enable his body to put all its effort into fighting the meningitis. I was in a 3 week coma. Doctors will always give the worst scenario as it will not be known at the moment how things will progress.

Yes it is difficult not to see everything as potential symptoms of meningitis especially when you know someone who has developed it. Since I had BM both my son and I start getting anxious every time I feel even slightly unwell!

We haven't heard much information other than he is unresponsive to torch tests in his eyes and his blood pressure is not being controlled by his own body. We are trying to stay positive, he is in the best of hands and is a fit, healthy young man so has every chance.

What you have said is very reassuring, a friend of mine also pulled through a couple years back. It's just so worrying.

Thank you for your advice and knowledge, lacking knowledge of this myself it is unnerving!

Thank you

I have just checked with Meningitis Now and it is the Meningococcal Meningitis that those living with the person, or in close kissing contact, that would need to be treated with antibiotics. There are other Bacterial types of meningitis that don't.

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