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Paleo Diet Successes for MeningoEncephalitis?

Dear all, I'm brand new to this dialogue arena on HealthUnlocked and its my first time participating in something like this.

Although I'm not the one with the health struggles, I am connecting on behalf of my 15 year old son who is 1 year into suffering from effects of MeningoEncephalitis.

It was September 2015 that he was hospitalized with severe symptoms from this infection, which is believed to have been caused by West Nile Virus. And so it has been a viral form of Meningitis/Encephalitis, not the bacterial variety.

His symptoms since then have been largely stagnant, including chronic fatigue and "crashes" which come when his body or mind become too exhausted. He describes these crashes as including mental "freezing" where he cannot think or make decisions and it most often is accompanied by uncontrollable twitching of his shoulders, arms and buckling of knees. His symptoms are strong enough to limit his daily school schedule to 1/2 days.

Since the initial hospitalization, he has not suffered from headaches or body aches.

My latest interest is to make changes to his diet to try and support his body's own healing better.

More specifically, I'm looking at reducing his simple sugar and carb intake and increasing his healthy fats, protein and vegetable intake. In other words, a shift more towards a Paleo kind of diet.

What I'm interested in knowing is if any of you (who have had similar symptoms from a viral meningitis or encephalitis) have found improvement specifically tied to a similar dietary change.

Any kind of related feedback is appreciated.

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Hi - so very sorry to hear about your son and the post effects that he's suffering from after his viral Meningitis-Encephalitis in 2015.

I was most interested to read about his symptoms and whilst I've not heard about the paleo diet, I think a healthy diet is always ideal, especially when recuperating.

However, I am also interested in what you've said that you son refers to as chronic fatigue and 'crashing', as I know these places all too well. Mental freezing for me would describe brilliantly how I can't process or retain information, short-term memory dysfunction, word loss and 'log-out'!

I was referred to an immunologist and a neurologist after I had viral meningitis-encephalitis in 2011. The tests showed that I had a very compromised immune system and that I also had M.E. (or Chronic Fatigue), which a lot of people who experience serious viral infections seem to get.

Have you spoken to your G.P. about your son's symptoms and whether you can have a referral? Maybe he/she may be able to refer you to a nutrionialist as well.

Good Luck and I hope you get you answers you seek. My best wishes to your son :)


I was diagnosed with VM five months ago and still suffer with headaches, fatigue and lack of concentration. I recently saw a neuropsychologist, who recommended several things, including a clean diet. Since so much of how we feel is tied up with the gut, it certainly cannot hurt. I have been following the Whole 30 program (look for it online) for a little over a week, and feel ok. Again, it can't hurt!



I absolutely believe whole heartedly that my diet is responsible for my healing. I am 4 months post viral M. caused by a mosquito. Because of the lack of awareness and knowledge from medical profession. I became obsessed with learning all types meningitis and study the disease and the brain. I too had all the symptoms you described. I almost hit rock bottom thinking I was always going to be disoriented and in a fog along with all the other after effects. I made a decision one day going into my second month , that I stopped all pain meds they gave me and improved my diet. I take blackseed oil every day along with a few supplements and I make fresh smoothies everyday consisting of all fresh Veggies and fruit putting in extra kale and dark berries. This illness has led me to my current goal to become a personal trainer . I will be certified in Dec and am also studying health , nutrition and fitness for organs and illnesses . I can only tell you through my own experiment food is key to health . I just hiked my first over 4000 ft mountains at 50 yrs old :) and plan on doing many more. Best of luck to your son :)


Dear Becca823: Thank you very much for this feedback and encouragement. I had not heard of black-seed oil before. Would you be willing to share with me where you source yours from, as well as recipes used for your smoothies?


I order my blackseed oil from amazon..(google 101 uses for blackseed oil) my sister first got it for me when I fell ill as we are not to keene on modern meds. As I said once I kicked the pain killers (I was at rock bottom mentally and with a shitload of after effects) I started feeling better in about 2 weeks and now feel amazing. I just got my first cold/bug that is going around and thought for sure I was going down hard like a lot of folks with Meningitis say they have. I overdosed sorta speak on zinc along with my daily regimen and the cold lasted less than 2 days and was not severe . I take the blackseed oil twice a taste nasty but I swear by it so I endure it. My smoothies are fresh made daily with kale, spinach, carrots , blackberries, strawberries, kiwis and bananas ...but you can mix in anything you prefer..I just like to stress that kale and and berries dark in color have the most benefits. Just keep experimenting fruits and veggies in amounts until you find your desired taste :) For supplements I take, magnesium, zinc ,and tumeric. I also encourage fresh air..even just a little walk ...outdoors and nature is therapy for me :) feel free to email me at if I can help in anyway ..I dont always check this much...since Ive been full of energy Im outside or studying :) Best of luck :)


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