Mellingacocal meningitis and septecemia

Hi all I am 55 and had meningitis septecemia when I was three.yrs was awful for my mum as she had to keep phoning doctor after ten minute walk to phone box only to be told time after time by the receptionist that I probably had a cold .eventually a doctor did come out and soon as he looked at me he said hospital now as by then the rash was spreading .it was very advanced by then .they didnt hold put much hope all my organs were shutting down .the septecemia was mainly on my legs and unusuay did not affect my feet .I pulled through but significant muscle and skin loss to my legs and was in hospital for a year having skin grafts .I am left in severe chronic pain and many other problems to many to list .many after effects .I am very gratefull to the doctors for saving my legs as very often these days you see children with no limbs and my heart goes out to them.I am wondering if anyone else young or older has had similar to me plz contact me I feel so alone .yours sincerely bev x

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  • Hi Bev sorry to hear what u went through must have been a very hard time for your mom

    I had the same sort of thing as you but I was 58 so it was not my mom but my family 2teen boys and wife hi had 3months in hospital why there I died 2 times but they bought me back I lost my hearing and balance was told I never walk again now that's another story lol

    My best wishes to you and your family

    Don't let it get you down your welcome to keep in touch if u would like


  • Hi paul ty for replying its a horrible disease at any age.seems you and your family went through it to.did you have the septecemia cut out of your legs like me .and skin grafts bev x

  • hi i was lucky there i did turn black all over they asked my wife if she wanted to take pics but she said no but the hospital did which i saw a long time after my wife told me i looked like i had come from the Caribbean and when i soor them i see where she was coming from i was jet black but has i got better my skin came away in sheets in fact she said they took my skin from my back in one sheet glad i was still in a comer oh happy days thanks for getting back to me so soon

  • Hi paul wow .thats amazing so you js got normal skin now have you ?.it was 53 years ago for me so praps they thought they had to cut it all out .I have dents holes and severe scaring.pain constantly as well as all the other things ime left with .but I try to keep smiling.evrything is a battle .ive only just had adapted home.and my garden is full of junk but nobody is helping and I dont know where to go for help .sometimes I feel like giving upi get so down .I hope you get the help you need tho paul x

  • Hi again have you spoken to your local occupational help mine have been very good 😊 first they would not let me come home till I had some adaptions done to my home 🏡 started by turning my bath 🛀 room up stairs in to a wet room also rails around my home 🏡 but after time my health got worse so had occupational health out again and they said I need a down stairs bed room and wet room so they applied to the council for a reabilitaion grant off £30,000 for me which I got to have the extension built but this was short to what I needed so they applied to the trust who I was very lucky they topped it up then we realised no one had took in what flooring we needed so again they applied to the trust for support which I got with out the trusts support my life would not be the same again now I have bowel kidney trouble and the occupational health man came to see me so we are just going through them to have a new toilet in my wet room that has a wash and dry system also haveing a ramp fitted to front of house to get over front door step problem you have not said what family u have I have my wife Kate who is my full time cares and 2sons 24 and 27 how long for I don't know my orther god send is my mobility scooter and my mobility car which my wife and sons drive for me please keep in touch if u want to be a little more pvt I give you my e mail I will not give it you know as u may feel I am being pushy



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