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Pnuemoccocal Meningitis - 55 year old male

Hello All: We are in the US. My husband (age 55) contracted Strep B (Pnuemoccocal) Meningitis back in January 2016. He had meningitis, sepsis, pnuemonia, CHF and Respiratory Failure. His organs also tried to shut down. In the ICU for 10 days (intubated for 9) and out of the hospital at day 14 for 10 more days of rehab.

He has significant hearing loss in the left ear as well as he says he feels VERY slow mentally along with memory problems and LOTS of fatigue. He had a spinal cord tumor at the base of the brain at age 9 that was radiated and grew back at age 25 and was resected which took part of the cord with it and already had deficits from that such has constant headache, balance, etc so this episode has just exacerbated the problems.

He was feeling "normal" the night before (as he never feels good so that is a hard one) -complained of feeling a little sinusy a couple of days before. Woke up at 7:15am feeling VERY sick - I called 911 and he does not remember anything after that until all the wierd hallucinations from the drugs in the hospital.

He is afraid he will get this again as they really have no idea how he got it to begin with. From my reading - could be all the tumor surgery - maybe? Overall - he is really doing quite well but feels so awful. He is lucky that he does not have to work and try and deal with all of this.

There is not alot out there on this type of meninigitis. How many people have had this more than once?

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Hi, I also had bacterial (pneumococcal) meningitis in Dec 2015. I also live in US. Not much support for those of us having to endure this awful disease. Working but with difficulty due to impaired hearing, balance & fatigue. Wish I had more answers from my neurologist. It's nice to have others support & know that I am here by the grace of God.


By the grace of god is correct. You two are very lucky.


Hi tupperitaville. I'm in uk, I'm 55 and this is third time I've had Meningjitis this time it was pneumocooal not sure about other 2 times as was only 1 first time by all accounts very ill but not much was really known then all I know is I kept having fit after fit according to my mum, left no side effects the an again when I was 10 don't remember much except the lumbar puncture. This time had no warning except the my leg which normally give me pain swapped to the other one ,I was in work by all accounts collapesed and that's last I remember until I woke up in icu 10 days later and being told also had a stroke and brain absess this happened on 16 May this year,I also have lost hearing almost totally in right ear and pretty bad in the other,I've been told after hearing test need hearing aids in both ears after never having a days trouble before with them, the balance is still very wobbly been told probably due to hearing as causes balance problems.i very been told I am very lucky lady to be hear as it happened so quick and I believe it was touch and go for a bit.the good thing is I'm here and fighting everyday I push myself as much as I can but tiredness can take over very quickly


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