11mth old granddaughter with streptococcus meningitis on holiday

11mth old granddaughter with streptococcus meningitis on holiday

I wonder if anyone could advise or help with regards to questions we should be asking or if anyone has been in a similar situation pls?

Briefly, we all arrived to Gozo, family holiday, my only granddaughter was rushed to a and e after arriving 6 hrs before, she was then urgently flown to Malta where she has been diagonal with the above. She is now into 12 days of sedation and so many antibiotics being pumped into her, she's had lumbar puncture, ct scan and 2 MRI and waiting for a third as I type, her breathing is good, a little reaction to light in her eyes, one better then the other, we've been advised there is brain damage but until the pools of fluid that are swelling in her brain, no one can tell as to what extent, before this , the day before smiling, happy baby girl, the hospital have been amazing and nurses can't fault them , has anyone had the same experience with such a young baby pls and can offer any positive words, or what we can do to get through this?

Thank you


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  • Hi

    Im so sorry your grand daughter is going through this. There are a few of us on here who have been there. My little boy was only 20 days old when he got meningitis. He had six weeks in total of IV anti biotic and we only know at this point that he can see and hear and he's 5 months now. We won't know about mobility or delayed development until his usual milestones. I hope and pray it's a good outcome in this dreadful grip she's in. Sounds like she's in good hands. It's always more scary when your in a foreign country. Try to take a breath for yourself as this affects everyone. She's in my prayers ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Thank you very much for your reply and I wish you well with your little boy. We have just had the results and our Eliza has to go for today for surgery, a drain is to be put in for approx 2 days in the hope that this will drain the fluids and release the pressure and then hopefully her temp will stabilise.

  • Hello..

    Am so sorry about your little one.

    I completely feel your worries as my daughter had it at 50 days old.

    When she was hospitalised i kept touching her,talking and singing to her etc. It is a way of reassuaring tha baby that you are there for her.

    Ask'for a neurologist to assess her as well.

    Our babies are real fighters. I hope your precious one comes out of this horrible adventure with none brain damage.

    My prayers are with you and your little girl.

  • Thank you for your message, I hope your little girls is ok? Yes there's been conversations and assessment from the beginning with a neurologist. We now have just spoken to her and as the fluid pockets from last night's MRI appear to have increased, she is going to put a drain in either side of her head and drain the fluid and do tests to see if there is any sign of pus, they'll stay for a couple of days , but very scary when she told us of the risks with the operation. Long couple of waiting days ahead.

  • Keep us updated and come here and vent anytime, your in the thick of it now, we all know what your going through ♥

  • Thank you, it's is very kind of you to message and I will update , life changing for everyone xx

  • Be strong.. I will pray that the operation goes well..i wish you and your little girl all the blessings of God.

  • Thank you so much, she came through the op ok, which we are so relieved, the drain is showing no pus and not as much fluid as they thought, all positive, they have said that this shows there has been no undue pressure dad she is settled , we now wait for 2 days for the drains to do their job then they hope to remove the ventilator , very nervous it im hoping that this rollercoaster is just going up and no big dips if that makes sense, thank you for all your support xx

  • Fantastic news. She's over the biggest hurdle so far. Tiny high 5 to her 😀😀

  • Hello how are things today? Xx

  • Sorry for not updating sooner, she had been progressing slowly and was loved from icu to children's ward, she went for aanother MRI this morning to check for Air pockets so we could get the all clear to fly back home, unfortunately they are saying that she needs a shunt now to release the pressure, they intend to operate tomorrow morning, we were so not expecting this news, has anyone else had their child with a shunt pls?

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