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9 months old meningitis


Hi Im new my grandson is 9 months old and they suspect meningitis he became lifeless feverish The did a spinal tap in him and seen that it was cloudy. CT scan was done on him as well. He had a seizure last night the machine is breathing for him . if the mri comes back ok they will take it out.. As off today no fever can some one please give me some in sight I am so worried right now

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I didn't want to read and run. I really hope your grandson makes a recovery. Unfortunately I can't give you a story of hope as it was a different outcome for my daughter but I can sympathise with how stressful it all is. If they were able to give him a spinal tap that is a positive sign, my daughter was too unstable for that. My daughter didn't ever have a fever so I can't comment on that but just to let you know I'm thinking of you.

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Thank you so much, for your concerns and Prayers it has been stressful. And thank you for reaching out to me And my grandson

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Sending you both love and hope. Keep talking to him, my daughter opened her eye a few times when she heard me in the room. She was 3weeks old when she took ill and 4weeks 2days when she died. Her MRI showed brain activity so she was taken off the machine but unfortunately stopped breathing 5 days later. It's such a fast acting illness but he is definitely in the best place to give him a chance. Xxx

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Thank you for the encouraging words, my heart goes out to you. Your love and hope gives us strength

My very best to you and your family. He is so young...my heart breaks. But because he is young his ability to recover is huge. Given correct treatment, all he has to do is recover, and when you are that young, there is nothing else to do. My experience is with my husband, 62, with viral meningitis. He has recovered so very well. I believe this will happen for your grand son as well. I send you all my very, very best for an absolute recovery.


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Thank you so much, You have given me strength, hope and Confirmation. I am so happy that your Husband has recovered well my prayers for his continued healing.. Thank you so much for this it has truly blessed me.

Sending you lots of hope and love. My heart goes out to you as I know what you are going through.

Just a couple of days before Christmas, my son who was nearly 11 months old had an ear infection, high fever and refused food or milk. We took him to the hospital where he deteriorated due to the hospital not realising he had meningitis for more than 12 hours. His ct scan didn’t show anything but the mri scan confirmed it was bacterial meningitis. He was put on a a broad antibiotic as they were waiting for blood cultures to confirm what sub type it was. The bloods confirmed it was pneumococcal which is very nasty. He also had septicaemia and continued to deteriorate.

Within hours he had a cardiac arrest before my eyes. He was resuscitated and transferred by ambulance to intensive care at a different hospital. He was in an induced coma / incubated.

The next morning he was also having seizures. The seizures were monitored and only happened a few times in the morning. This happened again the next morning but discontinued thereafter.

He woke up after 7 days but was still very ill. He also contracted 2 flu like viruses and then at week 3 contracted viral meningitis. All his mri scans showed damage to his brain.

At the end of the third week, our son seemed to pick himself up. His antibiotics stopped. His fever had gone and he was beginning to be himself again.

We came home after 5 long weeks, 1 days before his first birthday (which was a few weeks ago) He has regular physio and has relearned to sit and hold his head up and is now relearning to crawl again. His right arm is weak but despite all of what he has been through, he has come through fighting and still remembers everything and is still our happy little boy.

Sorry my response is so long, it’s all still so fresh to me. I just want to give you hope and reassurance that baby’s at that age are so resilient and fight through this. I am sure your grandson will be just fine and I am thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

Keep talking to him as he can here you. I hope he gets better soon. I know it’s hard not to worry but do look after yourselves too.

All the very best.

joneap in reply to RHussain08

Thank you so much you have given me so much hope I am so Grateful I am very Thankful to God your Baby is doing good. Thank you so so much reading your life gave me strength thank you so much for your thoughts and hope

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandsons, how is he now? I really hope he is getting better. x

Thank you so much your Concern and Hope gives me Strength

How is your grandson? Been thinking of him.

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