Meningitis Now

After Affects

hello! wow finding this website and finding out why i have been the way i have been for many years from the age of 7, has totally shook me. i had the worst meningitis and the doctors gave my parents very slim chances that i would live. i have been very different to other children my age as i grew up. Reading the info on this website has been such great revelation to me it's, blown me away.

to think my mood swings, isolation from other people, different way of thinking, the lack of IQ, not being able to connect with other people, as mostly to do with the after affect of meningitis.

all this time nobody connected what was happening to me with this illness, wow i am totally amazed and upset all at once.

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I can relate, it helps knowing your not crazy, since no one else understands, I first got sick in the early 90's and it hasn't gotten easilier or better, but this site helps you feel not alone.


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