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After effects ... 12 years on

Hi ...

I am hoping you can give me some advice.

My daughter had meningitis group b and septecemia age 10mths .. She is now 13. Over the years she has always been 'the crazy, moody, aggressive, emotional one' and we have put it down to middle child syndrome! But we are now thinking different as we have bought all our 3 children up in the same way and she is just different to the others. She is teenage and hormonal but so much more so than her older sister was at that age. She is aggressive, filps from normal to aggressive in seconds, both verbally and physically, disruptive, we tell her for the same things every day usually what not to do but still carries on doing, once she gets something in her head that's it, for example this weekend she had a cadet weekend where she was away with her group. Her friend only lasted 4 hours away from mum (there are some family issue reasons for it) before she had to be taken home, the next morning Jessica was on the phone sobbing saying she wanted to come home and her friend went home so she could and that was it, she was ringing me all day despite me speaking to the leader in charge and then telling me she was fine. She had it in her head and that was it!

Anyway on having looked up the after effects I am seeing some things that are ringing bells here ..... what do I do? I am worried that if I go to the doctor they will think I can't cope with her ... yes some days she can be very challenging but we cope fine. I'm not sure what to do, do you have any advise please.

Thank you for your time.


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it could be meningitis related, but could also be oppositional defiance syndrome, or something like that. I and no one else can give you a definite answer over the internet and without seeing you all together.

I do think, fwiw, that you're going to get a lot of good info from both a counselor/social worker and medical doctor. The doctor types can help with meds and referrals to any other clinicians needed. The social workers are good to improve family dynamics, and can help with learning coping skills, other than begging for you to give in. Cognitive behavior therapy is particularly good at teaching coping skills.

I've used both physically and mentally based helpers in my quest towards optimal health especially since coming down with the bacterial meningitis in 2011. My major after effect is debilitating, almost daily migraines. The brain has been affected by this horrible disease. We all have been treated to a journey we never thought about before, but with some friends and help along the way, we can make the best of things.


I am just the same in a way. I had Viral Meingitis in 2010. It left me a totally new person after I got over it. Unfortunately the new person was for the worst thing on the negative side. Very negative bad attitude and terrible towards the family.

You need to see a specialist regarding Meningitis and also try to see a Counsellor for your daughter.


Don't let the meningitis play head games with you.I've had VM for 2 and 1/2 years now. It did not alter my personality. Oh sure, Im not physically the same, headaches that I learned to deal with,I'm a little lethargic through out the day,some loss of hearing. If your daughter is not showing any PAIN factors,she should be O.K after 12 years. I feel her attitude is only from the age she is at. Hormones being the main issue. I have a niece who was uncontrollable at that age,She is now 18 and a responsible Mommy. Things will calm down as she gets older but I don't think it's from the Meningitis at all. Good Luck.


Well until you get some psychiatric assessments done you are just guessing at this. Many of your daughters issues can be symptoms of many things as the symptoms overlap different diagnosis. A professional will help to investigate the problem and then describe a treatment plan to consider. There is no shame in going for help. It is just being proactive. Kind Regards.



Kerry- As someone who has had meningitis b I know that it can leave you with high and low moods. Your daughter has had a very serious illness and a great shock to her system.

There probably isn't really any medication that is much use, I can only suggest an understanding of her moods and try and research some ways of resolving conflicts.

Lots of very healthy teenagers are hard tio handle. There should be some prfessionals that can help you, the Meningitis Trust could probably have some info, Sorba


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