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Found a useful website re - the after effect of brain injury


Hi all,

I'm recovering from VM since November.

It's been a rough road, and I am very grateful for my loving partners understanding, and a great employer, who is really helping me keep working ( which helps my recovery a lot) I am a lot better than I was, but I am still far from right.

I've been trying to find a resource that can help me to explain my symptoms to people, and to help me manage my recovery better.

The meningitis trust ( or Meningitisnow as they are known) are very useful - my boss actually printed off a load of stuff from their website for me - very kind.

But I found this site has by far described my symptoms the most accurately:-

While it is focussed on brain trauma due to an impact, that's really what VM is - or rather that's what a sufferer of the after effects of VM has to deal with ( brain injury caused by over pressure). In particular, the section on "mild brain injury" seems to fit my symptoms like a glove.

See what you think.


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Morning Mike

Like yourself I had vm back in sept 09, I still suffer with dizziness, feeling spaced out (drunk feeling), slurring if i over do b interested to read the link.... My consultant thinks I had encephilitis alongside the vm, this would add to the pressure element I'm sure.....

Vm has changed my life it's a case of learning to adapt to the new you, I found the after effects frustrating & hard to deal with as time went by, frustrated at the fact I wasn't getting better quick enough then I read a letter to my brain which someone posted on another site, it helped me & my family to understand things much better.

Slowly does it!

I wish you well in your recovery

Thanks for the above



Hi Mike

Thanks for the link re the mild brain injury, I agree its spot on. I'm another person recovering from VM since February, trying to keep my chin up and take each day as it comes. Husband and kids and friends been great but it's not easy accepting the loss of control this VM takes from us.No more running,cycling for time being.I can get my head around that,its the cognitive effect that worries me.

I'm a cancer nurse working alone in community. Work being so supportive but I'm concerned I wont have the mental resilience to support my patients needs.I've been offered counselling and neuro psych assessment.hope to rtw by end June.

Mike it sounds like you've been glad to be at work?

One more thing,I take amitriptyline 15mg nocte for headaches.Really good for nerve pain also.Its prescribed as 100mg+ if used as antidepressant so totally different use of drug.Its really helped headaches and non addictive etc.

Tc.Thanks to all for this great site


Thanks for the heads up on the amitriptilene, the doc has me on 10mg a day ( and told me to boost to 20mg if I need it) - and it makes a huge difference - it's so nice to sleep properly. It's keeping the migraines at bay, and settling me down really well. Only problem - I've gone and caught a chest infection now! Ah well, one step forward...

Yes, I'm very lucky - I was able to keep working nearly full time and work have been really supportive, and allowed me some flexibility in my working hours during the bad days.

Also, I love my job - I'm an engine monitoring engineer for Rolls-Royce aero engines - and keeping going at the stuff I enjoy has really helped me feel wanted, and boosted my self esteem. ( my job is desk based, so I've been able to keep it up because it needs little physical endurance,)

My symptoms have been difficult to understand - in my work capacity, I can remember technical details as usual, and can still diagnose complex problems and systems, but I cannot remember what I had for breakfast ( or if I actually had breakfast!). Very strange.

I've had some serious warning signs on Tuesday - great difficulty concentrating, very irritable and angry for no reason - so Work have let me take a few days holiday at short notice, to rest and regroup.

So in the last few days, I have Had some great walks with the dog romping alongside me - got thoroughly wet in the rain earlier - but feeling refreshed and calm after having a fun time with dog.

Also, I've been working on the campervan, which is sort of like my"knitting", and I find very restful - with the dog snoring in her bed beside me. each to his own...

All I can say to anyone in recovery is slowly does it - you can't "tough out" a bad day, all you can do it go easy, and wait for it to pass.

By the time your brain actually stops you doing something - you have gone way too far.

You won't always get it right - you will overdo it, because you didn't pay attention to the warning signs, but it's most important that you don't stress over it, and give yourself time to recover.

When you have a good day, don't try and make up for the bad days - just go steady and do set some time aside to do some excercise, preferably outdoor. Nothing strenuous - I'm missing my Mixed Martial Arts training so much... But a gentle walk ( enhanced by the presence of a canine friend is always good) or a gentle swim - this will refresh and help your mood a great deal.

This is an interesting site, both for those of us who've had meningitis and understanding for those caring for or teaching ex-sufferers and finding ways of helping, Sorba

Thanks for this very interesting website ,Mike.-it really does help explain a lot of our symptoms.My Gp said that Meningitis can be classed as a brain injury as the brain is swollen.I also found Brain and Spine website to be helpful,as it also gives links to other organisations for brain injury.

Again, thanks for the tip on Amitriptilene.

It's working wonders.

With docs permission, I have come off it for 2 days - feel the headaches returning, so back on it - it really works for me.

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