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I have recently had viral meningitis and was admitted to hospital. I began suffering with migraine, photophobia, fever and sickness and I just thought it was a migraine so I left it 6 days until I went to the doctors who immediately diagnosed viral meningitis and rang the local hospital and admitted me. When I arrived at hospital I put in a dark quarantined room and received a lumbar puncture later that night. That was a horrific experience! Well 7 and half weeks later and the pain in the right side of my head and right eye is unreal, it's excruciating most days and I can't function. I'm on a concoction of pain relief but nothing takes it away. Can I assume this is now a long term side affect? And what can I do to relieve it, especially the pain in my eye? Thanks

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I had VM in Feb 2015 and my gp initially diagnosed migraine (I have never had one before). When I was discharged from hospital, the pain was really hard to deal with and nothing seemed to take it away. I spent weeks taking various painkillers and lying in a dark room. I have since found that vm does take a while to recover from and the recovery can be hard. After a while I was able to tolerate a quiet radio and short bursts of activities and then I could build this up. I did have osteopathy too. My advice for recovery from vm is to listen to your body and take it slowly. I still get migraine like headaches fairly regularly but I can now manage them. I found this site so helpful in the early days too.


Thankyou very much for your reply and advice. After trawling this site yesterday I saw lots of people recommended osteopathy so I actually emailed an osteopath last night. I am currently sitting all my finals at uni and have deadlines coming out my ears which I am really really struggling to meet. I find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time like I used to, my eyes are burning staring at a laptop screen, my thought process seems non existent and the pain in my head magnifys when I'm trying to do work. Uni have only given me a 3 week extension on my work as well, I just don't think they realise the affects and implications of VM. I'm finding this really hard to cope with as I am so career driven and I just feel like a failure that I can't complete my work.


Hi Heather

I have recently recovered from VM . I had VM in 2014 and had to spend a long time resting my brain. I should recommend you contact Meningitis Now who may be able to support you and speak to your Uni on your behalf. On their website the are fact sheets about VM to take to Uni to help the tutors to understand the severity and lasting effects of the illness. I should also recommend that you get an appointment at the Uni's Occupational Health dept as they will also support you or speak to the Student Union.

Whilst you are having pain then your brain is telling you that you need to rest it out. I found that trying to push through it made matters much worse. For me pain killers didn't help it just took time to recover.

Good luck xx


Hi, was diagnose 3 years ago, all I can say is it really does get better with time. I felt that the feelings of being unwell wouldn't ever disappear and although they don't totally go you learn to live with them. I was left with balance problems and still have them, specially walking up and down stairs, but as I say you will adapt. Eat healthy, ask GP for neurological appointment and see what they say. They put me on gabipentim and amatriptaline and both have helped. Good luck and have faith you will adapt x



Hi Melanie,

I wondered if you have had physio for your balance problems. I also had severe balance problems which have been rectified by physio exercises. I was checked by ENT doctor first to see if there had been any vestibular damage or hearing loss and all was fine. I would recommend the physio.


Ask gp

For neurological review they will tell you where you stand !


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