Muscle weakness/soreness

Hi, I've posted the other day for the first time but I was just wondering is it normal to have muscle weakness and soreness? It's like some days I wake up and feel

Pretty normal and other days I wake up and my body just feels like I need a full body massage. It seems to mostly stem from

My back. For example,

If my back gets sore or starts bothering me, I get tender spots like trigger points in my back, then my arms especially and some days my legs feel sore. Does anyone have anything that helps with this? I know that if I get over tired this happens but sometimes I feel like I've caught up on sleep and still get this way! Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  • Hi our daughter had pneumococcal meningitis aged between 18 months she is now 14. Over the years she has suffered joint bone and muscle pain, it is greatly improved recently though not gone. We took her to a chiropractor for about 8 months once a week and that helped tremendously.


  • Thank you! I'm sorry to hear that but I'm happy it has improved! I have Been to chiropractor a few times but maybe should go more often. What does her chiropractor do for her? Does she just have adjustments done?

  • Hi , yes spinal adjustment , light massage and exercise therapy. Her biggest issue is having no natural balance which causes physical fatigue,along with being profoundly deaf it all compounds.

  • I'm coming up to 12 months post meningitis and still feel like this, some days I wake up feeling like I've ran a marathon in my sleep and my muscles are so painful, mostly in my legs, neck and shoulders. I haven't really found out what triggers it or how to make it better but I just take it easy and know it will eventually pass in a few days. The most frustrating part for me is I feel I'm not getting no help or support from anyone and no one seems to understand!

  • Thank you for the reply! I'm sorry you feel this way too. I know how hard it is. My pain is mainly my arms and shoulders although my legs do get it too. Just recently I've been trying to do very minimal little exercises for just a few minutes a days to see if it helps. So far it hasn't much but I just started. I try to eat healthy for the most part, and I only drink water. it is very hard to deal with when you don't have a lot of support. My family is here for me but I know they don't truly get it because they haven't dealt with it personally. Not there fault but makes it hard to explain. This website is where I feel most comfortable describing how I feel and what I'm experiencing. I'm sad for anyone who has had this but am glad that I'm not the only one. I hope you feel better soon!

  • Do you feel okay some days when you wake up and then other days you're just really sore? I just don't understand how some days I feel okay for a few days and then my

    Body aches and is sore one day when I wake up when I can't find the triggers for it.

  • Hi jwire,

    Over-doing it & dehydration can result in muscle soreness, weakness & back pain. Listen to your body . Simple yoga stretches, as well as a healthy diet, help tremendously. Pineapple is amazing in reducing inflammation which is prob causing your symptoms . I've also heard that (but have not tried) acupressure is effective with these symptoms . Hope this helps.

    Take care

  • Thank you so much for your reply!

  • Hi' thanks for the reply. I don't feel like I've over done it the day before when I wake up this way but I know that doesn't mean I didn't as overdoing it now is much different. I drink only water, no pop, teas, juice or coffee. I have just recently started trying a few small stretches and excercises to see if that helps at all. I will have to try the pineapple.

    Thank you for replying!

  • I go to an aqua therapy group which helps both physically and mentally as everyone in the group has a health problem and are sent by their GP. I have been going for 7 years now since I had Meningoccocal Meningitis. It has really helped me .

    I hope this helps.

  • Thank you! It's so nice to have ppl reply here and try to help! I'm glad you found something that works for you!

  • Different things for different people and their side effects. I have found these posts very interesting and helpful. It helps to feel you are not alone I think.

    Good luck and best wishes

  • It does help to feel like you're not alone. I wish I had someone closer that has had this that I could talk to. I'm glad this has been helpful to you. It makes me a feel a little

    Better when people reply. This is so hard,

    My emotions are all over the place!

  • Hello,

    I am 12 weeks post bacterial meningitis and I have enjoyed reading many of the posts on this website. As like many of you I also am enduring lasting effects. I am profoundly deaf in my right ear and mildly deaf in my right. This causes balancing/walking issues. My muscles are weak and sore. The most debilitating symptom is an extreme form of vertigo with the room shifting back and forth, vomiting, and extreme headache. The "episodes" are random and severe enough that they land me in the hospital. Although I have tremendous family and friend support they don't know the internal emotional struggle I go through on a daily basis. Like jwire my emotions are all over the place. Thanks to this forum I am not alone in my recovery process.

  • I'm sorry for everything you've been going through! It is good to know that you aren't alone. I completely understand about your family and friends being there but not really knowing what you deal with each day. I pray that this gets better with time for all of us. Feel better and I hope your episodes decrease with each day!

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