Almost 7 months

It's been almost 7 months since viral meningitis. I'm feeling better than I was but not normal. I'm terrified with every ache and pain that it's going to get worse. Does anybody else have this constant fear? I feel like k don't know what's going on with my own body. I am taking anxiety medicine which has been helping some but k still have bad days. Praying for all of you and I appreciate any replies.

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  • Hi jwire, Yes , I think your anxiety is just one of the remaining contants of VM. I'm a 60 yr old female & 2.5 yrs post VM & just had another recoccurence. It's like living with uncertainty every day, that will definitely make you anxious! I stay active with exercise, yoga, reading, healthy eating & most of all, good quality sleep. That seems to help with the lingering effects. After this last outbreak , I have decided to retire, as I have a very physical , high stress job & cannot perform my job related duties any longer.Try to maintain a good positive attitude , that also helps ,as well as being good to yourself. Will keep you in my daily prayers !! Remember you are not alone & we are all here to support you!! 😄 Mdroney

  • Thank you! I really appreciate it! So sorry you've had another outbreak!

  • had VM back in 2011 took a very long time before I felt 'me' again and yes every little thing brings the memories back. One thing I found useful, but a pain for those around me, was to say how I felt. If someone asked how I was, I never said OK and told them how I felt. It will take a while to get 'you' back. Don't rush, as the Doctor at discharge told me.

    You are yet to find out how ill you are.

    You are yet to find out how ill you have been.

    And, you are yet to find out how ill you are yet to be.

    These were VERY wise words.

  • Hi - I agree with what Mdroney has written here for you Jwire.

    It takes a while for our confidence and trust to return after we go through such a shocking illness as Meningitis. I remember being really frightened every time my husband went out to play golf or if he just went into the village for some shopping that I'd become ill again.

    Over time this panic eases off and you'll look back, as I do now, and realse how far you've come - just don't expect too much of yourself too soon although, it's something we all do, I think :)

    Take care of yourself - listen to your body and pace your day to suit you. If you're tired you're bound to feel more anxious, it's only natural.

    I was referred to an Immunologist, about a year after my illness, as Meningitis severely compromises our immune systems. I had quite a lot of blood tests done and the results showed that I was deficient in several things; one of which was Vitamin D and I also have Vitamin B12 injections every fortnight now. Maybe this is something you and your doctor might consider investigating too.

    A good regime of healthy eating, fresh air and exercise helps us all but especially for those who've been unwell.

    Take care and be kind to yourself :)

  • Thank you all for responding! I think this site can be a great "therapy" like release for all of us! Especially since everyone has been through similar things! Can I ask you all how long it took for you to feel fairly normal? Physically and emotionally?

  • I am 1 year out from bacterial meningitis. I keep clinging to what my infectious disease Doctor told me, which is that it will take 1 to 2 years to find your "new normal". Changes that exist 2 years out are apparently there to stay. Best wishes to you.

  • I am just coming to 2 years post VM and just coming out the other side. I have had a lot of problems, a lot of pain and fatigue. The trick is to be very patient and let time do it's healing. Take a good diet, supplement with vitamins, coconut oil and green smoothies and rest a lot but take short walks to keep moving. It will get better, I was told that it would take 2 years and maybe 3 to get back to where I was before and that Is how it seems to be going. Be patient, be glad to be alive and take advantage of a slower period of life. It will get better.

  • No one told me how long it would take or even remotely close to it which I feel like causes a lot of my anxiety and emotions! Can I ask where all you had pain?

  • Oh and the Daith ear piercing has significantly reduced / stopped the headaches / severe migraine so that I am now medication free.

  • Hi Jwire, my main pain was severe headaches which became diagnosed as chronic locked in migraine. The crushing from the pressure in my head caused my neck and spine to dislocate so a lot of pain caused by that especially more headache. Also the fatigue was severe. Acupuncture has helped to get me back on my feet. Now I have fixed my neck and spine which has reduced the headache . I am almost off all the medication as that was making me feel worse especially the fatigue. I need to work on my balance and the left sided functional weakness which has been caused by the constant migraine. But everything is improving now after a long time of being very ill and not being able to do anything. It has been a terrible time but I now feel more at peace with myself than ever before. I have learned how to slow down and take each day as it comes and to enjoy the Little things. It will get better, it will take time though. I have a good neurologist who listened carefully and has helped sort my problems. He is going to Botox my forehead to help relieve the headaches. I can't stress enough how important a good diet rich in vitamins and nutrients is eg spinach, kale and bean sprouts. Be patient, you probably can't beat it so go with it and rest and take good care of yourself. Xx

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