Meningitis Now

I hate face value!!!!!

Hey guys

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and new year!!!! 😬💋

So I've decided as my last post to stay positive or motivated haha and to aim to get stronger for the month of January as I've probably only had one month of moving really over December as i have hardly moved with issues and recovering.

So as well as keeping on having a walk every night with someone when they finish work i will try to not only be doing household things which while doing in a little space is fine ill also try to do workouts bits as much as my body lets me; i did a few sit ups the other day = headache straightaway 🙈

So it was the eve of christmas eve and typical i came down with what was either a stomach bug or the worst case of ibs ive ever had... None stop for 2/3 full days not nice at all 🙈

My ibs is still bad and you can imagine most foods over christmas have everything my body doesn't like so I'm spending my days feeling constantly sick and just like peoples opinions of meningitis patients with my ibs people act like you're just being a health freak or obsessing over being slim (especially as i am slim) or like i need their opinion like i no nothing about food and need them to tell me full fat foods are good and "its no good for you not eating properly"...

😂🙈 ... Sorry that you are ignorant in healthy eating and think eating what your body doesn't like is normal but ill let you know something .... Not eating bread because my body gets SICK OFF IT is normal! and i don't need to subsidise it for anything! and those who say "yea i see you dont eat much"...

Oh because I'm not having bread, fried food, crisps, pastries a side of cake n chocolate or a microwave meal all slugged down with a can of coke or coffee on a daily basis people feel the need to act like im starving myself because i try to eat natural, because i eat foods that haven't come caked in sauces full of chemicals and gluten n a million other things n cause im not over carbing my body im starving my self because to the people that just look at you a slim person shoudnt eat chicken and rice or salads but overweight people should ...

People get a grip! Jeez...

Im so sick of people looking on the outside with their judgey little ways helllooooooooo....

For the judgey people who dontknow.... IBS is like being ill everyday of your life just for that "little bit" of cake, chips, choc etc but not moaning about it and just putting up with it unless like i try to "starve myself" as they say and eat something natural thats not been mixed with a million things that i dontknow about,... And just like meningitis.... Yes look at me from the outside and judge that im fine...

Im not regardless of being ill/suffering with constant side effects WE have to fight to tell/show/help people understand what we are just "getting on" with everyday as we have no other choice!

So today i got a call off the local GP

Who hasn't even bothered to ask my family or try to get in touch until now

The person i "originally visited when coming down with what i thought was flu"

Basically telling me I'm not having a sick note until he sees me as the last and first/only brief appointment I've had which was the infectious diseases doctor has apparently sent a letter to him stating that shes advised me to a phased return to work in the new year; yes doctor that doesn't mean right now in January Uarghh from people that suffer with meningitis pain/headache as soon as they get stressed to have to put up with this and argue the point of face value makes me sick.

Like i wouldnt be doing normal stuff or going back work if i was fine when i have my own bills to pay!

Not only are we frustrated in being ill and not being able to do stuff but we have to add other peoples frustration/ignorance too!

Ive also had a few days of bad heads the past few days that are lasting all day ... Burning, pains, throbbing and just uncomfortable.

Also don't know if its just me not moving enough but the heels of my feet keep going dead wen resting and also my hands when resting on my arm (which i know would happen to anyone but this happens straight away and doesn't usually happen to my feet ever)... So ill try move/workout more and see if that changes.

Hope i havent gone on

Thanks to anyone who made it through my speach 🙈😂💋 well wishes***

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Keep it up that way, merry x mas better late than never, and a very soon getting healthy 2016, it took me 2 years to be the way I'm now, I remember I couldn't see my future, now I can see it, no the way I was planning, but now I can make a new plan for my new future with my new life, you can do it too.


I have my boyfriend in the hospital with bacterial meningites. It's been 16 days now.. for the first 13 days he was sedated and on the ventilator. Yesterday I was there and for the first time in 15 I could see him. Today I was there and he was hallucinating this still normal? I am just so scared. ..

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i was that way 15 days, every case is different, I'm sorry, the high fever makes him hallucinating, same thing happened to me. I hope your boyfriend recovers soon. Please keep in touch to try to help you..

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Hi, thanks for you reply.

He doesn't have fever anymore..doctors say that is brain is still swollen. Never ever realized how bad meningites can be.. it's really difficult when you have someone you love in this situation.

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I understand that, if the Dr tells you that, it means he is going to be fine, just it is gonna take time to recover, he is lucky that you are there, my brain was the same so I got encephalitis after the meningitis, and I was alone.

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Sorry to hear that.. I hope you are ok now. I am worried too with after effects, but I know everyone is different. But i am sure life will be different from now on. All the best for you.. I am sure time will bring everything. .


Hi pcris

This is normal lovely

Well its what ive been through anyway

Its partly drugs and partly hospital day to day goings on i.e. People constantly in and out etc

Any qs just ask n ill b happy to help if i can

Just be strong and be there for him and positive thinking**

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Thanks. I will be there for him for sure. Just a bit worried with after effects. ..

Don't know much and google just drives you crazy !


I'm fine now, no the way I would like, but good enough to keep fighting in this life, just please keep in touch. Now I'm gonna rest, I have to work in 4 hrs, greeting from NY

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Greetings from London. I will keep in touch. Thanks for replying.


Hello how is your boyfriend? And how are you?


I quite understand everything you just said. I'm so tired of feeling the way I do and having people treat me like I'm having an imaginary Illness. The judgement for not working etc.

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