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Found this site tonight. This is day five after admitting my 73 year old husband Monday. Three spinal taps attempted in ER but scar tissue from back surgeries prohibited success. He finally had a successful tap on Wednesday under imaging which confirmed BM. We likely won't know what type due to general antibiotic therapy before the successful tap. He started his mega regime of steroids and antibiotics rotating among three types via IV. He began having hallucinations tonight. When I reported them he became irrational trying to kick me out of here because he thinks I ruined his chance to go home today. Dr have been very Pollyanna so I didn't know what all this meant. I was very scared and hurt because of my husbands words. It was helpful to hear this is normal. Thanks!

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Welcome and this is where you will be able to say what you feel and ask for advice. Someone here will almost certainly have had a similar experience. It is probably not always going to be easy so please ask for any help you need. It must be horrible to watch someone you love suffering with BM and my experience is from the other angle as I am the one who got TB meningitis. 14 years on and I am still here and more or less in one piece so I have everything crossed for you both and wish you lots of luck.


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