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Scarlet fever

Not even one year on from viral meningitis I now believe to have scarlet fever ! My whole body aches and I have the rash,my head is pounding and my throat is sore and I feel generally rubbish. It mentions that I need to get to the doctors as one of the complications of scarlet fever ! I am now really worried I couldn't face that again ! Has anyone else had this please ?

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Hi Melski

Sorry to hear that you are once again feeling very unwell. Why don't you ring 111 and ask for there advice. Meanwhile take regular paracetamol and an anti inflammatory.

I haven't had Scarlet Fever but I am aware that it seems to be doing the rounds big time this year. There have been several children at my sons school who have had it. It is very infectious so if it is SF that you have then you need to think about who you come into contact with especailly those who are elderly, with reduced immune system, have other debilitating illnesses etc.

You do need to seek medical advice but I can understand your reluctance after what happened to you when you contracted meningitis. I think it can become serious if you don't have the right treatment to stem the infection so better to do that now than wait until its affected you more.

Best wishes


Many thanks and will do 😣


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