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How long does fever post VM last?

Hi guys! I am new here.

I am 4 weeks post VM , and I am still running a mild fever everyday. 2 days ago, I had a blood test done and the doctor said that I seem to be free of the infection now. However, this fever is really bothering me. My temperature goes up in the afternoon till late evening and decreases again at night. I also have eye fatigue, photosensitivity and get headaches/heavy head when I exert a little.

Did anyone experience the same? How long will it be till I get back to normal temperature throughout the day?

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I hope you feel better soon. I had and still have all the other symptoms you mentioned, but I think my fever only lasted 3 or 4 days, but it did fluctuate, like yours. Typical of a viral infection.

Please take very good care of yourself. Recovery takes time.

All the best,

Amrita xo

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Thank you for your reply, Amrita.

The recovery is slow for sure. So frustrating! I still get tired really easily and haven't been able to go to work.

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You are welcome. I did not rest enough in the beginning and I am paying now. It is very early for you. Sleep, eat well, lots of veggies and fruit and rest whenever you can.

This is quite normal I'm afraid, your body will settle down when it's ready, DON'T try and go to work until you are able too, try part time for a while, this is a brain disease and not to be taken lightly, try and find a sacral cranial osteopath, really helps though there is no cure, you will keep getting these fever and headaches again, sorry, it's normal for us. I was really ill with meningitis then encephalitis, was off work 3years as my memory loss was affecting my life and balance, take it slow, there is still so much they don't know about this disease. You can get in touch with the Meningitis Society, ask them to send you their magazines, very uplifting stories of people's achievements. You have to learn almost like taking first steps, you fall then you get back up again. I wish you good health and determination in tackling problems, keep a diary, see what you remember before reading it, it can show you such insight in how the brain copes.

Kindest Regards


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Thank you for your reply, Anita.

I will definitely try looking for an osteopath.

Getting as much rest as I can for now. Thankfully the headaches have reduced quite a bit but I am still struggling with fever and fatigue.

I am located in Japan and the low awareness about meningitis here is quite shocking. I guess it is a long fight ahead.

I hope you are feeling better and stronger now. More power to you :)

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