suffering from bacterial meningitis husband just discharged from hospital two weeks ago due to bacterial meningitis, he was given ceftacidime and dexamenthasone....after a week of resting at home he has now fever and headache...what are the possible reasons of it? do inhave to rush him back to the hospital? please help me because i really dont know what to do because we stayed in the hospital for nearly 3 months and we dont have money anymore , we are already financially drained...your response is higly appreciated, thank u

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  • Please go back to A&E - this is the fastest way to get matters resolved. I was discharged too soon and had to go back to hospital after initial release from BM. Beds are needed but please, this is the fastest way to the overall best outcome. I’ll hope for the best for you.

  • thank you so much...

  • thank you so much

  • On release from hospital I had regular night sweats where I had to change my pyjamas and bed sheets nightly. It wasn't a fever as such. If you suspect fever you he'd to see a doctor.

  • thank you so much...

  • Yes, go back to hospital for a second opinion. He may still have active infection. I was on antibiotics for 12 weeks before infection was completely cleared.

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