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Need some advice from people who have had meningitis. My mum has recently became very ill it began on Monday and she got extremely worse on Friday, her symptoms consist of sweaty skin, her body's roasting but she' feels freezing, sore heads, breathless, chesty cough, both ears are sore, muscle pain, shooting pain in back, and can't really eat anything. A women my mum works with wasn't well and has now been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, I took my mum to hospital tonight and she was sent away being told she had a viral infection and to take paracetamols and if flem comes up from her chest to go to her gp for an antibiotic. Her symptoms seem more than a viral infection.. Can anyone relate to this I need advice please? ASAP.

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Also tiredness and feels like she needs to lay down all the time.


Please don't delay -get your Mum back to hospital asap or call NHS 24 for advice.Phone Meningitis Now 24 hour helpline.Please don't leave her alone and keep checking -it may well be a viral infection but there is a possibility it could be Meningitis,especially if the work collegue has diagnosis.I had all these symptoms plus a rapidly spreading sepicaemic rash and wa ssent home with the diagnosis of a viral infection with allergic rash.I knew something wasn't right but let them send me home when I was hours from death.Please go with your gut instincts and if you are worried and your mum is worsening don't delay-please let me know how it goes.

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That's what I thought as she got worse so fast and her face is very red but the doctor didn't really check her over properly he sent her home. She's sleeping for now and in the morning I'm taking her for a second opinion I'm very worried as my mums work colleague had same symptoms as my mum then collapsed into a 30 minute seizure so I'm very worried and because I lack knowledge on meningitis I don't know what to look out for.


Signs and symptoms can be found here:

If you think your mum has symptoms of meningitis, do not wait, get her seen again as soon as possible and tell the doctors why you are concerned.


I said to the doctor at hospital about the women my mum works with having it and he turned and said is that all your worrying about!?, he didn't blink an eye lid, I'm going to get her seen too again. Thank you


Hi Steph

Am wondering whether your mum is ok and if it was meningitis?

Best wishes


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