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Fifth time getting viral meningitis


Hi there. I thought I’ve been going crazy because of all these symptoms I’ve been left with. I just got out of the hospital with viral meningitis and Th. on my brain .. (2nd time with that) fifth time with viral meningitis... Has anyone else had it that many times? And what can I expect to look forward too as far as continuing side effects

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Hi! I've had it four times in about 8 years. For me, it has been a frustrating time. Two years ago, I started having bouts of vertigo. My neurologist believes a nerve in my inner ear was damaged during my last episode of VM. It is permanent damage. Therapy helped retrain my brain to balance under the new circumstances. I deal with frequent fatigue, headaches and tinnitus.

Side effects will always vary from person to person. Some people may not have any and others may not be as lucky.

This is actually more common than you think, there is a name for recurrent aseptic viral meningitis (aseptic meaning it's not contagious) and that is Mollaret's. It is rare but if you are on Facebook there is a dedicated group to Mollaret's. I was diagnosed with it in 2010 after a three year battle with my GP who told me I couldn't possibly have it because it was so rare. Having 4-5 VM attacks a year in the end persuaded him.

If you search on Facebook for Recurrent Meningitis Association that should bring up the group. They dropped the Mollaret's in the title because not all recurrent episode come under that heading.

I am a volunteer community ambassador for Meningitis Now with a special interest in VM and recurrent VM so if I can help at all please do PM me.

Take care, Jonathan

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