Do I have VM?

My toddler has hand, foot and mouth. She's been sick about a week and I was fine until this morning. I woke up with a horrible headache. It felt like bad sinus pressure, so I took Allegra and Sudafed since I suffer from allergies as well. My symptoms were untouched. My neck is stiff and sore, feel feverish but my feet are freezing. And super tired. I also have pains in my back, not in the middle but slightly off to the right, but upper and lower back. does this sound like VM? Couldn't get a dr's appt til tomorrow.

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  • Please, forget the GP and go to A&E. I had a headache, neck ache and fever and cold hands and feet and my GP did not diagnose my meningitis until I could not walk or talk.

  • Thank you bettydraper for responding. I went to GP and she said she didn't think I had VM and sent me home. I have woke up every morning with same symptoms. Horrible headache, stiff neck and I do have cold feet too. I am naseuaus from the pain and can't eat. My insurance doesn't cover Urgent Care and my GP can't see me for another week. I'm about to go to the ER but after talking with my insurance I am liable for up to $1500.00 if the Dr doesn't consider it an Emergency. What should I do?

  • MHenke, I'm so sorry about your plight. I thought you lived in the UK where A&E is free at point of service (you have paid for it with your taxes). Do you live in the US? Can you see another GP? How can your health condition not be an emergency?

  • We are not qualified to medically diagnose on here and like bettydraper says I would advise you to seek medical assessment by your GP or A&E. You are clearly concerned and worried so do get yourself checked out asap. Best wishes.

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