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Do others have vertigo (bbpv) issues after VM?


In 2015 I had viral (varicella zoster virus/ shingles) VM and besides having many other side effects that have had a huge impact on my life, i now am having bad episodes of bppv. I have had them aprox 2 every year but since January I have had them 4 times and beeing dizzy of and on true the day. I am seeing a fysio for the epley manoeuvre and a acupuncturist. Do other people have this problem after VM of BM? And have a other suggestion how to handle it! Thanks 🙏 christine

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Yes! I have had BM and also suffer from it.

Christine86 in reply to AngusOG1

What do you do about it? And what triggers it?

AngusOG1 in reply to Christine86

Well, I haven't really found a trigger yet but I tend to try and lean on a wall or sit down to stop myself from falling over. I also sometimes get them before a seizure so I need to be careful and not ignore them, You don't have epilepsy by any chance, do you?

No I haven’t! That sounds terrible!!! If I have bppv i go to fysio for epley manoeuvre but it always takes a few visits and I’m totally off. Like i have run a marathon and can’t do anything for week up to few weeks.

I have had VM six times, over 15 years, and I have vertigo issues. I had issues prior to VM and it can be a symptom of Migraine Syndrome. VM definitely made it worse. I keep mine in check with migraine meds. They really help it, took it from several episodes a week (I have small vertigo like episodes lasting 30 seconds or less) to maybe 1-2x a month. I only had full on vertigo during one of my pregnancies and nothing I could do/try at that time. Good luck!

Yes..i suffer greatly from it.I use a cane and or walker just so i dont have falls

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