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Walking problem and overall weakness with TB Meningitis. Is this normal?


My father 71yrs old has recently been diagnosed with TBM. He was having recurrent hyponatremia along with persistent delirium and confusion since Feb 2014 and had been hospitalized thrice since then for Sodium correction.

This month he was hospitalized following extreme weakness and a chest infection (he is a COPD patient as well). He recovered from the infection but his confusion increased for which a CSF was done and he was diagnosed with TBM

He had been discharged from the hospital and is on AKT4 along with Steroids (prednisolone) and other medications.

He has been experiencing extreme weakness to the point that he cannot stand on his own and lays down after taking two steps. I read that often Meningitis patients experience hearing or speech problems, but thankfully my father doesn't have any such problem. He talks properly, feels hungry and eats properly, he can even sit and have his cup of tea without any support, but when it comes to standing up, he cannot stand for longer than a minute. It seems he is having major balancing issues with his body.

He had balance issues post suffering a cerebellar stroke back in 2011 but had recovered from that fully and was leading a moderately active lifestyle.

I want to know that is walking or standing problem common with TBM?

Please advise as I am very worried with his condition. It's 3 AM here and I am up trying to find more information about TBM

Also I extend my best wishes to all those who has been through or is currently going through this debilitating disease. My deepest prayers to the almighty that all of you and yours may get completely cured and live a happy life once again

Kind Regards

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Hi Black Hawk,

I hope I got your user name correct.

I have had two bouts of V/Meningitis and on both occasions lost the use of both my legs. On the first occasion I was only able to shuffle or crawl once I was sent home. So yes, this is normal. I have had patients that have had B/Meningitis and they have taken a lot longer to recover, and in fact, needing a walking frame for quite some time. These patients often need some ongoing Physiotherapy. The older you are, the longer the recovery time.

Its great to see another person caring so much for an elderly relative, this is not often enough sadly. I was a nurse up until three years ago so do have some input to give you.

Take care, and do continue to pray. ( I am a Christian ) the best you can do.


Hi Recovered7

Thank you so much for your kind response. It was very helpful. So I am assuming that his walking abilities will gradually return with time and ongoing physiotherapy. I have already appointed a physio to treat him.

Another thing I noticed is some mild swelling on his left palm and right feet. The swelling on the feet went away with some mild exercise, but the swelling on his palm is still there. Is this something I should be worried about or is this swelling because of constantly laying down with minimal exercise of the limbs?

Thanks once again. Please continue sharing your experiences so that I can know what is normal and what is not in TB Meningitis.

Bless all

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I have sent you a message, request you to reply.

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