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Viral Meningitis Awareness Week

This week we have our 2nd viral meningitis awareness week.

Each day of the week we’ll be being vocal about the true impact of the disease and letting people know that we are here to support everyone affected.

Viral meningitis can affect anyone. There is a misconception that viral meningitis is a ‘mild’ disease and that is something we want to change. Although it’s rarely life threatening, its impact on individuals and families is often underestimated.

Please have a look at our webpages for all the latest information:

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It is fantastic that Meningitis Now have created this awareness week for the 2nd year running. There is still a very big misconception that this is just a mild disease. All too often I have people say to me "At least you didn't have the bad one" they have no idea what my family and I have gone through and are still going through. We were devastated by my own experience of VM just over 2 years ago and I am still trying to get over some of the after effects, let alone the trauma this had on me and my family.

Hopefully this will raise vital awareness and I cannot thank Meningitis Now enough for this campaign. #VocalAboutViral


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