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Had viral meningitis? Help us understand the real impact. Please take part in our survey >

We are conducting an online survey to find out more about viral meningitis and the impact it has on people’s lives. Calls to our helpline and experiences shared on health unlocked suggest that many people are experiencing long term problems after viral meningitis, but little is understood about it by health professionals. The survey will help us understand the real impact of the disease and the follow up care people are currently receiving. If you have had viral meningitis please take part and help us raise the profile of this horrible disease.

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6 Replies

good survey, well worth taking time to do


I have a problem at the 1st question as it only allows you to tick one box. However I had viral meningitis in the 1990's and then Bacterial Meningitis in 2011. As its a questionaire about viral meningitis do I just answer the 1st question re the viral meningitis I had??


Hi Strawberrycream, thanks for your question.

With this survey we are focusing on gathering information solely on viral. So, in the first question just tick the viral meningitis box and you can continue with the questionnaire.

Thank you very much for completing this :-)


A good survey and doesn't take too long, well worth completing. The more the merrier!!


All done


brilliant survey,about time, lets hope it helps future vm sufferers.... a positive step forward for health practitioners/doctors who are responsible for initial diagnosis / after care.I look forward to seeing the results.


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