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Melanoma and genetics

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I was going to make this a long message, but decided to just give you a brief rundown. When my son's melanoma reoccurred in 3025, he got genetic testing under advisement of his oncologist. I will be eternally grateful that he did. My husband, my son's father, was diagnosed with melanoma in 1993. Turns out our son inherited a mutation that predisposed him to cutaneous melanoma and pancreatic cancer. Our youngest daughter is presently having issues with her pancreas at age 18 and is undergoing tests. She will also undergo genetic testing so they can better understand what treatment options will work best for her. With nay being melanoma awareness month, this might be something to consider if 2 or more close family members have battled melanoma.

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I couldn't edit a date. Our sons melanoma reoccurred in 2015. My apologies for confusion.

My husband is in the process of getting genetic testing right now, as he has a long line of cancer on his fathers side. It will be valuable information for my daughter, grandchildren, my husbands niece & nephew, and even his cousins.

What is the genetic testing called?

I will find out the name and let you know here.

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It's simply genetic testing. A diagnostic test for a personal and family history of cancer.

The company is called Invitate. Genetetic providers can be found by going to

Your doctor should be able to recommend a company that does genetic testing in your area.

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