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Seeking Melanoma Specialist West Coast

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Recently diagnosed with stage IV melanoma, looking for recommendations for cancer hospitals on the west coast. If anyone has been to Huntsman or has experience with another hospital, please share. Live currently in Las Vegas, NV. Just trying to make sure my dad can get competent, timely care and not just feel like a number.

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You are so right. Care by a melanoma specialist is essential. I suggest UCSF Melanoma Clinic . +1 (415) 353-7171. You could always get a second opinion from them and receive the treatment closer to home if SF is too far to travel. Wishing you the best . There are many good treatment options now.

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Thank you for sharing!

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AIM at Melanoma has a Find A melanoma Specialist area on their website . You might try that too.

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Thank you!

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Locating a melanoma specialist and considering clinical trials is a great starting point.

We have interacted at conferences with Morganna Freeman, D0 at City of Hope in California ( Duarte, CA new patient services: 800.826.4673.

Here is also a good patient orientation to melanoma Treatment from NCI:

In addition to the AIM Find A Melanoma Specialist gigimom recommended, you may also consider the National Cancer Institute Find a Cancer Center section that lists all the NCI-designated centers in the US. On the west coast they list the following:


Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health and Science University, Portland Oregon. Dr Brian J Druker, Director

Sancy Leachman directs the Melanoma Program.



Fred Hutchinson/ University of Washington Cancer consortium, Seattle, Washington

Dr Gary Gilliland, Director


Melanoma clinical trials in the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance:


Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center/ University of California, Irvine Orange

Dr Richard Van Etten, Director

Physician referral service: 877.824.3627

Appointments 714.456.8000

Dr Janellen Smith is listed as a melanoma specialist

Stanford Cancer Institute/ Stanford University

Dr Steven Artanadi, Director


Skin Cancer Program in Palo Alto 650.498.6000

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center/ University of California at Davis, Sacramento, CA

Dr. Primo N. Lara, Jr, Interim Director

New patient referral office: 916.703.5210

Dr Amanda Robinson Kirane, skin cancer and melanoma

Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center: UCLA

Dr Antoni Ribas, Director

UCLA Cancer Hotline: 888.662.8252

Dr. Antoni Ribas: study author for combo anti-PD-1 plus experimental agent SD-101 (bacteria like agent)

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, La Jolla, CA

Dr Scott M Lippman, Director

Appointments: 858.822.6100

UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center/ San Francisco, CA

Alan Ashworth, PhD, Director


Melanoma Program:

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center/ University of Southern California, LA

Caryn Lerman, PhD, Director


Skin Cancer team:

We all wish you only the best and would appreciate your feedback on what you learn from your journey and providers.


Thank you for all the information!

Martin O'Neill Cancer treatment center in St Helena CA has a good reputation and setting is beautiful.

We're seeing Dr.Daud at UCSF; very happy with him and the facility in San Francisco.

Thank you.


Hello, I am so sorry you have to deal with with with your father, but he is so blessed to have you on his team. It takes a good advocate. We live in Irvine, CA and I can tell you our experience in California . My husband was diagnosed in 7/2017 with Advanced stage IV Metastatic Melanoma and given 3-7 weeks. Her we are 20 months later. We looked into Chao Cancer Center in Orange, City of Hope in Duarte, and chose John Wayne Cancer Institute at Provident St. John’s in Santa Monica with Dr. Steven O’Day he is an amazing Doctor, who previously worked at John Hopkins University, Dana Farber, and City of Angeles. I would highly recommend him. He has saved my husbands life giving additional time. My personal knowledge of just Dr O’Day is he is the most compassionate sweet loving man. He is there every step of the way. He is always available by personal cell phone for any problems that may arise. He travels all over the world giving speeches, is involved in several clinical trials. I just could not recommend him highly enough. In saying that, I know there are a lot of qualified Melanoma Specialists in CA, and the US. I will pray that you find the one that fits your father 🙏🏻. I will say for my husband it was very urgent we quickly find a melanoma specialist and told not to Doctor shop as he did not have much time, and we feel we couldn’t be more blessed with Dr O’Day and his team.


Thank you for sharing your experience. My prayers are with you and your family. It is really unbelievable this experience has been. My dad was diagnosed in February 2019 and this may sound strange but take the doctor at his word. His oncologist does not specialize in melanoma but says he can do it. My mom and sisters and I want someone does and will have ideas. Thank you!!!

I am so sorry you are going through this. My husband has stage 3 melanoma and we have worked with doctors (dr esner oncological surgeon/dr o’day oncologist) at st johns in santa monica but ultimately have been getting treated by dr ribas at ucla. They are all amazing. A couple things we learned: get a second and third opinion and don’t feel bad about hurting a doctor’s feelings by choosing one and explore/ask about clinical trials as all hospitals have different opportunities. Good luck ❤️

Thank you. Prayers to your family, I appreciate your advice. Just finally got him to agree for second opinion. He was scared to get one because he did not want conflicting diagnosis. Oye!!!

I went to John Wayne in LA, because the type I had was a bit rare and the one surgeon that specialized in this happened to be there. Good luck with all.!

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