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TIL Treatment underway at last!


It's been a wild ride, but this morning we got the call to come be admitted to VCU for the TIL study. We are so grateful to be here. All the admit labs went smoothly and he has a PICC line in where blood can be drawn AND IV drugs can be delivered. They started the first chemotherapy infusion tonight so Wayne is rocking towards getting his Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes reinfused in a week. Here is what the schedule looks like:

-Tuesday April 30: Admit to hospital, get labs done, get PICC line placed. Cyclophosamide #1 started 8 pm Infusion 2 hours

-Wednesday May 1: Cyclophosamide #2. Infusion 20 hours, then another infusion for 2 hours

-Thurs May 2: Fludarabine #1.

-Fri May 3: Fludarabine #2.

-Sat May 4: Fludarabine #3.

-Sun May 5: Fludarabine #4.

-Mon May 6: Fludarabine #5. (Frozen TIL Cells arrive at VCU)

-Tues May 7("Day 0"): Cells infusion in AM & start IL-2 in PM. (White cells close to zero on this day) No visitors

-Wed May 9 Continue IL-2, if possible. No visitors

-Thurs May 10: Last day for IL-2, if possible. No visitors

-Fri May 11 to May 21 ish: Recovery from therapy.

As of now, Wayne's room on the 10th floor is a No Kissing zone until he's recovered. Note: I did not agree to this part of the protocol....



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Wishing you and Wayne all the best!

YAY! So excited for you guys.. let the magic begin 💫

Glad things are underway. Sounds like a bit of a bumpy ride. Prayers for Wayne and you both. Look forward to hearing all about how this is working.


Fingers crossed for you.

That is such good news! Wishing you all the best and keep us updated.

Missy, I hope last week went well? Wishing you and Wayne the best for this week!

missyrandAmbassador in reply to MeAndMom

so far, so good. Thanks for asking.

Tomorrow is the TIL transfusion day: Day Zero followed by 2 days of IL-2 infusions every 8 hours up to 6 doses, or until he can't tolerate them any more.



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