Melanoma Caregivers

Hello there!

Hello there!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Sara. My Mom was diagnosed in 2005 with stage IIIb melanoma. She was given about a year. She wasn't okay with that though so she fought. She had multiple surgeries that left her with many scars,not to mention countless side effects. She then became her own advocate finding a clinical trial that she is convinced is the reason the melanoma has not returned. We are thankful to say she is now 12 years NED (no evidence of disease). NED is the best she can hope for since there is no cure. Despite the fact that melanoma has not returned to knock on her door, I still worry almost every day that it will return reminding us all of its terrifying presence.

We try not to focus on that though. We are all about staying positive. My Mom knows she is still here for a reason. I have joined her in her next fight to educate people about melanoma. Together we can find a cure.

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Hello team Polka Dot Mama! Nice to see you online. I'm proud to know you and your mom, and to shoulder with you both as advocates!

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