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Any ME patients out there with diabetes too?

Hi all

Having difficulty getting a diagnosis as none of my specialists will do some joined up thinking with everything thats happening. This piece of the puzzle that I'm investigating now is that since becoming ill, my usually well controlled diabetes is all over the shop! As I learn more about ME I've realised that it could also be responsible for making my glucose blood levels fluctuate a lot.

So wondering if anyone else in this group has experience with this?


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I'm type 2.


Hi, thanks for responding :)

Do you find ME messes with your blood glucose?

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I find it very difficult to control my blood sugar. I was diagnosed with Fibro and M.E before diabetes. I struggle to control my levels, I don't know if it's my M.E or not sorry.


Thankyou fo responding, I wish I understood more about it, but the logic in my head says there must be a strong connection, because of the way that the bodirs mechanisms are designed to work together (so it stands to reason that if somethong is working right it's going to have a knock-on effect) amd glucose and energy are so connected. Also adrenaline causes blood sugar spikes, this could be a factor for you with the pain from the fibro too? Thanks again, and hope 2018 brings you better health x


Hi, I've CFS and I've been convinced for several years that I've at least pre-diabetes. I had a load of blood tests last week & received a text from GP saying they're all fine & that cannot be correct. I know my hereditary cholesterol is high, it cannot have gone down. Mind you, he also said the chest X-ray I had was better than the one I had last year - I hadn't had one since 2013! The respiratory nurse told me two years ago that I was borderline, I've put on a stone since then (inactivity, CFS) so the recent bloods cannot be fine grrrrr


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