Recruiting Patients for Gene Data Study with Nancy Klimas at Nova (*no travel necessary!*)

Join the M.E Gene Study at the Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine, Nova Southeastern University.

** It is ALL COMPLETELY WEB-BASED, meaning even the very severely affected can participate because there is *NO TRAVEL INVOLVED*. **

All the details are available at -

Nancy Klimas talks about the study here -

Please pass this information on to EVERYBODY you know with M.E. as Nancy is looking for data from AT LEAST 10,000 patients!

[23andme is one of the companies providing test kits for UK residents. Just 'spit and post!' -]

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  • thanks for this, I am sure this is the cutting edge now- gene mutatuons play a massive part of ill healthand the uk has got to get a wriggle on!

  • i am doingtis but the lady on video talks about 2015 so theymay have enough data now?

  • Don't worry, they're still collecting data. They opened phase 2 of the study on 2nd March 2016. Really glad you're interested in contributing to this. So many of us want to participate in research but don't have the opportunity, so this is perfect for us! I got my results back yesterday, took approximately 2+1/2 months from 23andme. I'll add the link to my original post.

  • I applied to take part in this a week ago but have had no reply. I guess they have all the volunteers they need.

  • They've just opened phase 2 and have likely received a lot of requests lately. It took a while to hear back from them when I applied so just hang on in there! :-) My results from 23andme took 10 weeks so it might be an idea to go ahead and carry out the test in the meantime, as 10 weeks felt like a lonnng time when you're anxious to hurry with the data!

  • I have tried, but the emails they send me won't open when I go to the secure site. So I have not been able to do anything. Not sure if the issue is due to using an IPad?

  • Oh, this is frustrating! I did it all on my tablet (Android) and fortunately haven't had any problems using any of their links etc. I don't know what to suggest...

  • I will try and see if Dr Klimas has a facebook and ask there.

  • I had the same issue. Could not open up any of the links from my IPad. I have my results from 23 and ME. I am ready to send.

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