Could I have m.e.?

Hi, this is my first time using this service so go gently on me lol. I have an under active thyroid diagnosed many years ago and I could hardly walk it was so bad. This was treated with thyroxine and I got better to a point. I started feeling really tired and started falling asleep at my desk at work. I had to leave a job I loved because I simply couldn't stay awake. I moved out of town and got a cottage in a bit of a remote corner. I took up jogging but this died away due to the fatigue coming back. I also suffer from manic depression and chronic pain from a problem with my pelvis. After my 2 fantastic kids were born, depression set in and I was shattered all the time. Even when I lifted out of depression, I still could hardly do anything. I feel that I have been knocked down with fatigue for about 20 years or so. I have had improvements along the way which gave me the will to live. My main symptoms are extreme tiredness, aching body, depression, frustration, constipation and a general feeling of ill health. Should I approach the doctor?

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  • Hello and welcome. When diagnosing part is excluding what can be a long list of other conditions such as hypothyroidism and vitamin D deficiency and then the Canadian consensus model lays down diagnostic criteria and is used by Drs around the world as far as I can tell:

    Hope that starts pointing you in the right direction, there may be other symptoms you haven't even realised yet!

    Take care.

  • That's interesting. Thanks for that. Sounds like I have to go to the doctor and be straight on what I want to achieve thanks again.

  • Hi I am sufferer of M:E/CFS, I was suffering with my mum dying and then got food poisoning. I never fully recovered which I was unsure why so for awhile I I just plodded along. After months of tiredness and what seemed like flu I finally wane to the doctors who then sent me to a specialist who diagnosed me. I was relieved but also upset as I didn't know what to do as there isn't really a cure for this illness. All I can advise is go to the doctors, at the end of the day you know your body. Mental health can some times cloud what can be physical so at least have some tests done.

    Hope this helps and if you need any further help don't hesitate to inbox me ☺️

  • Thanks for that. I think I will try approaching my doctor.

  • Definitely, you shouldn't feel tired for so long and deserve quality of life x

  • ME is usually diagnosed when everything else has been eliminated. Under active thyroid suffers can also have vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency both can mean you feel very tired. There is also a thyroid forum on health unlocked which you might like to visit.

  • Hi mills2k19

    From what you describe it is possibly ME, but it is also just as likely to be your thyroid issues. There are quite a few conditions that share similar symptoms to ME, but as others say, ME can only be diagnosed by ruling those other ones out first.

    If you want to get an idea of whether or not you have ME then I would recommend trying this test for the ICC diagnosis of ME (International Concensus Criteria). . If you can still answer yes by the end of it then ME is a possible on your list of potential conditions.

    Remember that contrary to popular belief, the main symptom of ME is not fatigue but PEM (post exertional malaise). This means after even minimal activity (not just exercise) any or all of your symptoms, which may or may not include fatigue, will flare 24-48 hours later. The key points being the delay in the onset of the flare and that it can be any or all symptoms, not just fatigue. For some ME sufferers fatigue is not a big issue, and it is actually possible, though very rare, to have ME without fatigue. Without PEM you don't have ME.

    But as mentioned you could have one of any number of conditions. Whatever it is you really need to go and see your GP as only they will be able to help. They will either diagnose or refer you to an ME clinic for confirmation diagnosis.

    Good luck, hope you get some answers.

    Gentle hugs, Margaret. xxx

  • Thanks to all who replied. I think a gp visit is in order.

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