Hip & back pain

Hi everyone, in so much pain with my hips & lower back, it's not sciatica as it's not going down my legs. Sitting down & getting up is horrendous, even trying to sit on the toilet is a struggle. Had chronic back pain for a long time & can only take amitriptyline & paracetamol as too many side effects with all other painkillers.

Having a down day 😢

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  • Hello Cathy

    I hear your pain, there really is nothing worse. It can be so draining and debilitating. No wonder you feel so miserable.

    Is there anything that eases the pain? Have you tried concentrating the shower head on the area with warm/hot water. Have you a wheatbag you could warm up or a hot water bottle?

    Cathy, if it becomes unbearable I would suggest you go back to your Doctor to ask whether there is a method of pain relief that would suit you.

    Cathy, I hope your pain eases soon.! Hang in there and keep fighting. Thinking of you and {{big, big hugs}}


  • Thanks Lottie, struggling to get in the bath or shower, doesn't really help anyway. Had to cancel plans for today because I can hardly move without being in pain. Dr is useless as there's nothing else he can give me. So fed up 😔

  • I bet you are really fed up Cathy. How utterly awful and miserable. Would it be worth you ringing your out of hours Doctor? I know you may have to wait for the Dr to call but maybe he would be able to arrange some pain relief that would suit you. Just a suggestion, you deserve some relief from the agony you are in. Do you have a partner/husband or 'anyone' with you?

    Can anyone take you to a drop-in surgery local to you? or maybe A&E? You cannot go on like this.

    Thinking of you Cathy. You have my permission to scream, as loud as you can. Get vocal - I do. Let us know how you get on.


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