Does anyone else get hot flashes when their body has reached it's limit?

Hi, I'm 19, and I've been ill since 8. When I was 14 I became severe, and since then the way my body seems to tell me that it's had enough and that I've reached my limit by giving me a really uncomfortable hot flash. I also find that the hot weather seems to speed up that process, so I then reach the overheating stage faster than I do in the colder months.

I just really want to know if any one else gets the hot flashes, for the same reason?

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  • I get sweats and chills when I over exert or sometimes they just seem to occur. The worse my ME is the less ability I seem to have to maintain a comfortable temp feeling - I'm either too hot or too cold :(

  • That sounds like it :/ Good to know that I'm not the only one. Thanks for the comment Raffs x

  • Yes as Raffs says, inability to control your body temperature is just one of the many symptoms of ME.xx

  • I get shaky, cold and shivery and must lie down. I also can't tolerate heat. I don't know if it's ME or not as I don't have a formal diagnosis, it's just assumed I probably have ME.

    Problems with temperature can also be a symptom of thyroid issues.

  • Yes, 100%. I'm 21 and my mum is 55 and going through the menopause - she has so much sympathy for me now she understands just a tiny part of CFS/ME from a personal perspective.

    Waking up, the bed and my body drenched in sweat, being so hot you can't sleep even with no duvet or heating on. It's a nightmare. We got digital thermometer thingy to check room temperatures and it's 15C or below - the average in the UK is 18-24 degrees.

    And the spring weather is making it worse. I can't sit in the sunlight for more than 10 minutes before feeling like I'm in the middle of the Sahara Desert and about to pass-out!

    I'm dreading the summer sunshine - it always makes life difficult.

    I have to say, going to Vienna, Austria in February was amazing - it's so cold. I actually slept - like a log!

  • Yes, I know this problem well and the more fatigued I am the worse the sweats are. I have a tower fan facing my bed so when I feel like I'm about to spontaneously combust (!) I can switch it on and get some quick relief. The fan has a remote control which is blutacced to the headboard.

    All the best x

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