My boss thinks I am lazy!

I had a confrontation with a person at work before Christmas.I work in a charity shop and was asked to go into work on 23rd December. I had just developed the flu bug and felt really ill. I thought that I was running the shop as the boss had the day off so I dragged myself it to work but when I got there I found that someone else was running the shop. I got angry with this person and swore at him and phoned my boss she said she had asked mt to work as she was short of people to work that day but in the end there were 4 people there. she then phoned me back and asked me if I had a problem with this person running the shop and I had to say no.(but the real answer is yes) he is a jumped up 21 year old who thinks he is it. he walked round all day with his hands in his pockets doing no work at all. I forced myself to work till 4pm and by that time I was really struggling and had to leave. I was due to go back to work after christmas on the 27th December but I was still ill I finally went back to work on 6th January and was waiting for the you know what to hit the fan about my behaviour before christmas but no-one said a word. On Thursday our area manager visited the shop and sure enough on Friday morning I was dragged into the office and given a talking to by my boss. I was told I had been reported to the area manager for my behaviour and the she reeled of a load of stuff to me. One of the thing she said was that I was not pulling my weight but everyone else seems to have taken over parts of my job leaving me less and less to do. she informed me that she was taking two weeks off soon but was not going to leave me in charge of the shop as she could not (trust) me to be fit enough to run the shop as i always seemed to be ill. I think she will find I haven't been ill for months and even if I am ill I tend to drag myself into work which is probably how I got ME in the first place. Has anyone else had any experiences like this? (sorry for the long moan)!

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  • Dragging yourself into work when you should not could have been the start of when your ME became noticeable. From talking with people with ME it seems as if two groups exist, a slow onset that we try and push on maintaining life as normal while developing worse symptoms, the second group suddenly develop a flu like illness that does not go away a sudden crash that brings them into the same place as those that have become steadily worse - unable to function a shadow of their former selves. The thing that helps both groups is pacing within the energy envelope, something an employer must make reasonable adjustments for as any other action is disability discrimination and therefore illegal.

    The smart ass that is annoying you will come to grief in time and looking after your own health better will have you there when it happens not carried out feet first before they upset everyone else.

    Working harder does nothing for us - working smarter using the experience we have is the advantage in the workplace.

  • Hi Ian. I am looking for a paid job at the moment as I am hoping to get my own house soon. I have been thinking about leaving the shop for ages but every time I think about it I think how much I love interacting with the customers and a couple of them have become friends. I will have to bite my tongue for a while longer until I have found a proper job. I live with my parents at the moment and I can't stay at home all day I will go mad. As for the smart ass he is best buddies with the boss and has spent 12 months kipping on his sofa as he was homeless. she thinks the sun shines out of his ass they spend all day at work together and the most of their time together outside of work as well. He is forever getting into trouble at work but always comes up smelling of roses.

  • Finding a paid job is not easy when your fit and well take care it's not out of the frying pan into the fire by considering part time paid jobs as a stepping stone into full time paid work needed for a home of your own.

    A saying of what goes around comes around will come full circle for the smart ass no matter how he is paying rent for his lodgings, the rosy smell can not mask a rotten egg forever.

  • I know I can work 16 hrs a week and still get help with my rent. I have no intention of working full time as I have 2 dogs who are never left on their own as both my parents work from home. I have also learnt that working flat out is just makes your health worse. As for the smart ass smelling of rotten eggs I will keep my gas mask at the ready!

  • Think you have pretty much got a handle on the situation only some stress that does not help needs deflecting then on with your plan.

    Giving sympathy too those that do not understand really throws them a curve ball if things get annoying - I am sorry you find my illness difficult to understand just takes the moral high ground in any discussion.

  • Thanks. I am going to keep my head down for now and see what happens.

  • Sorry to hear you are having this trouble. I found it hard to keep up a job at the start of my symptoms so I know how it feels. You should be proud of yourself for keeping it up despite your difficulties hope you find something better soon :) xxx

  • Hi msBrightside. I am a bit unsure at the moment. My head says I should leave right now but my heart is telling me to stay also I can't really sit on my arse all day doing nothing at home it will bore me to death. I was looking at a promotion but I was told the other day that I have shot myself in the foot which I assume means bye bye promotion. I will carry on for now I think and see what happens.

  • I know the feeling I'm much the same with college right now all you can do is your best :) maybe just look out for something else coming along while you stick it out.

  • I am looking for a paid job and have been for a while now. hopefully something will come up soon.

  • It is hard these days too any people going for the one position. In my local authority there are alot of apprenticeships well paid might be something for you to look into.

  • Thanks I am not sure that my local council do that though.

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